Visual Journey through Genesis and Creation – How big is God?

Good morning friends,

The past week or so have been quiet with the Lord and I have not been hearing his voice from within as strongly as before.  I believe it’s because he knows I need to perform my earthly work in order to sustain my existence.  If he continues to speak strongly, I will simply sit at his feet in awe and have no desire to perform earthly work.  Thus, I have been able to get some things caught up outside of this blog and that is a good thing.  Now, I am once again searching deeply for his voice.

In doing so, I thought it would be a good thing to attempt to visualize the creation of Earth and man from Genesis verse by verse.  I believe in doing so, we can gain a deeper understanding of what God is really revealing to us from Genesis 1 to 3.  What I see is much different than what we are often taught occurred.  Sometimes, we have to go very deep and sit and wait on the Lord to reveal the true meaning of an original Hebrew word.  This one word can change the course of ALL we believe at times.

Let’s start by making an attempt to understand how BIG God himself is.  In today’s Christianity, there is a paradox that is being taught.  First, we are told he is omnipresent or located EVERYWHERE and then we are taught that a person has to believe in order for him to be inside their heart.  Doesn’t this seem like a paradox to you?  I know at times this is difficult to grapple with because of the way God created our human minds.  They only see the image (reflection) of the truth and not the actual truth or “true substance” itself directly.  He did this on purpose so NONE of us can find him on our own.  He is “cloaked” in bright light that we can not see.  Psalm 104:2

I really believe that one day he will reveal to us that he was indeed inside of ALL people no matter what their beliefs are, but he was simply hidden from us.  Also, we know that Christ is the revealed redemption of all mankind plus he is one with the father.  2 Corinthians 5:19, John 10:30.  So, based on these powerful truths, can you tell me of a place where the redeeming work of Christ is NOT present?  He has to be inside the heart of even an unbeliever, but is simply hidden.

I believe God will reveal this powerful truth to us one day.  That is how good he is.

But, how big is God, really?

Let’s try to explore that idea with a visual.

Now, in all honesty, God is so big he can’t even be named or visualized, but we have to try don’t we?

So, check out the below graphic that I made.  I am not an artist, but I hope you get the idea of where I am going.  I am going to attempt to visually walk through parts of Genesis 1 to 3 visually verse by verse as the Lord allows.  Let’s see how big God is.  This graphic attempts to portray his “Omni-presence” or the truth that he exists everywhere.

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Where does God exist?

How big is God? Is he really everywhere?

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