Is Christ Hidden in the Darkness of the Firmament(s)?

Good morning friend,

I woke up hearing very many thoughts about where the Father and Son hide themselves.  I believe the mystery is in the firmament and made a “simple” (my simple always ends up complex, sorry!) illustration based on this below to see if he wants to reveal this to anyone else.  I am quickly learning, however, that a direct search for God will never find him.  He just “shows up”.


In our weakness and struggles of daily life.

This is where we see his “image” or reflection….  Inside the darkness.

Inside the pain and heartache.

The “night” will pass and the day will appear as I shared yesterday.  In an astonishing way that only he knows, he gives us darkness so we can see him.  Without darkness, he can not be seen at all.  He dwells in unapproachable (perfectly pure) light that no man can look upon and live.

who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see. To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen 1 Timothy 6:16

This is why he gives us his image who is his Son.  This is why he sent his Son into the darkness to die.

So, we can see him.  He loves us and wants us to see him and receive eternal life.

His life.

That is my heart speaking.  My true self.  Now, let’s take a trip to the darkness.

The human side of Duane.  A place of logic, hurts, strong emotions and very scientific analysis and reasoning.  This may be the curve when you want to JUMP OFF THE BUS!  Here it comes…

Ok, so you missed it and are still here.  Back to Duane.

Still, he gave (some of) us these analytical minds and curious hearts that want to know him more.   As they do, however, a strange thing happens.

They die.  Totally disintegrate.

That is what law does.   Destroys anything that isn’t God himself.  Do you see the most powerful, self-perpetuating and self-maintaining circle that our Father is?  I pray you see the depths of his wisdom.   Just don’t ask “how”!  🙂

He is happy to TAKE YOU THERE!

But, it will be a walk into the “Jordan”.  Into death of self and into the deep waters of Christ.

Then, the cycle repeats.

Self will die more and more and the cycle will repeat…  until our current natural body and outer man is completely shed off by final “death”.

And we finally no longer see the image, but the true substance.  Christ.

At least this is my experience.  Perhaps it is a universal one?  He certainly has been walking me down the “death of self” path for sure.  I will (reluctantly most of the time) go wherever he wants me to.  If I don’t go, he will eventually bring me there.  For me, this is in trying to have answers for “how God?”.  I know when that question comes up, I am about to die.

I am right where he wants me to be.

We don’t have to worry. We can rest.  God IS love and this is all part of his perfect plan of love via his immutable, all-powerful, “self-correcting” laws.  He is of the perfect balance and he wants us to be too.  According to Romans 8, he has us in this painful at times spot so that he can “set all creation free from bondage”!

Isn’t that awesome?

Let me toss one more idea out there to you.  It has to do with the “image” I created at the bottom of this post. I have spent so much time studying scripture and ultimately God takes us in a circle around the mountain endlessly.  But, I do want to share some ideas based on the “3 Heaven’s” verse Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 12:2.  Please look at it a bit before reading the next part.

Ok, ready for a fairly deep idea and thought?   Hopefully, you have your imagination warmed up.  (I have to think abstractly a LOT in my daily work of solving computer and technology problems.  This seems to help a lot with the “things of God”).  These are my own personal thoughts that I am sharing.  Please ask the Lord directly about these things by spending time in his “Word”, the shadow copy called the Bible and the true substance of his Son.

Reminder: This is my personal conclusion.  One that fills my heart with the most joy and peace ever.  God has never changed from the “Old” to the “New”.  Wow.

I have personally concluded the Bible is a spiritual book written to us who are in the lower realm of darkness on Earth.  Or are we?  Could some of us be in the higher realms?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist that! 🙂  However, can we automatically assume that just because we are in a certain realm (of spiritual growth) that all of the Bible is about that realm?  Just because we are in the lowest realm called “death”, should we assume that the Bible is always talking about that realm too?

What if the Bible is written from three perspectives yet woven into one seamless story?

Imagine if God told us the story from all 3 of the “Heaven’s”.

Could these also be the three parts of man too?  Body, soul, and spirit…  Do you ever wonder where your actual soul or spirit is right now?  Sorry, but I do.

I bet God knows.  Could he maybe have been telling us?

Also, what about the story of man from “God’s” perspective?

I guess that would make a fourth.

If this were true, how do you think things would look at/from that different realm’s spiritual perspectives?

I bet they would be very different!

I have an idea… Could that be why we have 4 gospels?  Ever compare the events that occur in each of them?  Do the details match up?

What about revelation?  Ever get the idea that it’s the same events just told from a different perspective?

I do.

Just some things to ponder today.

I pray the Lord will reveal to you himself and your REAL self and you find rest in his love today.

Christ hidden in the firmaments

Is Christ and our real life hidden in the darkness of the firmaments?

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