Is “Not” is with you in Judgment?

Are we alone in our choices?

I have shared about this before but stumbled upon it again today in Job 9:33.  Do we perhaps, misunderstand the word “not”?

What if from God’s perspective “not” isn’t “nothing” but rather part of everything called “the all”?

Have you ever considered the actual space that holds everything inside itself (even “air”)? Is that space or emptiness by itself the “not” or “no-thing”?

Is “Not” the container that holds “all” or “the” part of “the all”. In the Old Testament the word “not” are the letters “La” as in the “City of the Angels”. (Do you believe in “co-incidences”?).

Check out the powerful example in Job 9:33 below. Right now, each individual person is at least two beings put into “judgment” in a single body (where they have to make decisions or “judgments” each and every day).

Are we alone in judgment?

One of these beings is natural and visible called “ish” (2nd word) and one is spiritual called “la” (not)(first word). They perfectly balance each other out like night and day to make “one day”.

Between these two (3rd word below) is “one-correcting” represented by the letters “mukich”. This one-correcting “he-shall-set” (5th word) hand-of-him (6th word) on-two-of-us.

This is so deep and profound we could discuss this for a long, long time but it can also come in an instant burst of inner light. (For example, I see these words as the very order of creation itself!)

Now, please look at the 5th word “he-shall-set” that are the letters “ishth”. Do you see how the one who is doing the “setting” is “ish”? This is the natural or fleshly side of us, one of the two in the judgment (single body).  So, what is being set? The 6th word is being set which is “idu”. What is the “ID” of “U”? Check out,_ego_and_super-ego#Id

Each one of us are being “tested” by our desires which come from the (Freudian) “ID” which is really the “hand of the Lord”. (What “The Adversary” asked Yahweh to place on “Job” to “test” him”)  “Tested” is used very loosely because “desire” is what gets work done.  Without it, would anything get done?

This is part of our “Job” in this world. To perform our “desires” (which are really part of God’s “hand” or “id”) and thus be tested. We will all pass because we are not alone in this body of judgment.

There are also two more with us in this body of judgment known to man as “the Ego” and “the SuperEgo”. Spiritually, one is “la” and one is “ish”. “la” is translated as “not” which is really the spiritual side (and container) of EVERYTHING (and unseen body/bodies of God?). You can see that “not” is really “something” also because it says “he-shall-set” “hand-of-him” on “TWO-of-us”. How could one place their hand on “nothing”? Remember, “With God all are alive to him” (even “not” which we can’t see). Luke 20:38

So, who is the “one in the middle” or “midst” of the two that are “being-corrected”?

Luke 17:21 and Matthew 18:20 reveal the answer.

“Nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is IN YOUR MIDST.” Luke 17:21

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matt 18:20

“I AM” (eimi) “there” in the midst of them. So, who is “I AM”?

Exodus 3:14 tells us.

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM“; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”

So, when life gets tough and you aren’t sure what to do, please know that “I AM” is in the midst of you at all times and in all circumstances helping with all judgment(s).