Does Joseph’s slavery in Egypt reveal us where Christ is right now?

Who is the Master?

Is the body of Christ in a prison in (spiritual) Egypt right now?

I am seeing and hearing amazing things today in the part of Genesis where Joseph get’s sold as a slave down to Egypt. Here is what I see and for me right now, it’s even more true than the chair I am sitting on.  This is the most beautiful and revealing story of Jesus being sent to the foreign country of “Egypt”, confined in the “prison” of sin but since God’s hand is always with him, he succeeds and eventually runs the country.

Here it he wild part.

I believe it actually is telling us the TRUE story of what happened to Jesus. Go back to Genesis where Joseph has the vision and he shares it with his family in Genesis 37. He is one of twelve brothers and Gods favor is with him. His brother hated (persecuted) him because of the dream and the fact that he had great favor from his father.

Please allow me to share freely, openly and as if anything is possible.  I will switch over to my inner man who believes all these things are happening right now and are already completed.   Don’t be too alarmed by his boldness.  Try to listen with your own heart or inner man and see how he or she responds based on what the Spirit is saying to you.

Pay attention to the word “now” whenever you see it. I am now convinced this means “the present age” as in right now, but it speaks of a personal spiritual journey for an individual in his walk that the father has for him. Once you see this, your heart will LIGHT up on fire with what God is revealing to you that is going on right this moment in the spiritual realm.

So, Joseph (earthly manifestation of Jesus) has 11 brothers and his father is greatly blessed by God and if you read Genesis closely, you may even believe that Jacob IS God the father as is Abraham and Issac. Joseph (Jesus) gets captured by his brothers and “thrown into a pit”. This is powerful if you think about it. The “grave” or “hades” where the body of Christ descended to is also called a “cave”. We can also see it when “Lazarus” is “in a cave 4 days” and Jesus comes and “rolls away the stone”. How could Jesus do that if Lazarus was his body?

We have to remember who Jesus really is. He is a lower realm manifestation of the father himself. On many levels, we could say he IS the father and I believe that at times. The name “Jesus” is a container or the actual Spirit of God himself that goes into the lower realms. This container can use any person it wants to and give that person ALL the power that Jesus and the Father have. This is what it means to be “in Christ”. A person who is “in Christ” has all the power and authority that Christ (the King) has. They are his servants who go and operate on his behalf, but only according to HIS will and timing.

Think about it this way. If the President of the US sent to your house his “Chief of Staff” or any other high official, that person would have all the authority that the President gave him. He would not be the actual president himself, but would be operating on behalf of the president. For those that he came into contact with he would essentially BE the President. This is who “Jesus” is. He is a spirit-man who has the full power and authority of the Father himself in Heaven and on Earth. He can put his power inside of any human he wants to and use them to represent and essentially “be” and act on behalf of himself. This is because Jesus actually DOES become one with the person’s own spirit. In the truest sense of the word, that person IS Christ. I know that can offend some, but they don’t see this truth… yet. So many still believe in the separation of Jesus and man and that is the VERY JOB of his body.  To tell everyone about the RECONCILIATION of ALL THINGS in CHRIST!  Friend, do you know what “reconciliation” means?

It means to make two separate things ONE.  To bring them together.  That is what God has DONE in Christ!  He combined the OLD with the NEW into ONE NEW MAN.  See and ponder 2 Corinthians 5:19 and Ephesians 2:15! The “old” which is believing we are separate from God is PASSING AWAY! Praise the Father that he HAS FULLY merged the two realms of natural and spiritual together and through the body of Christ will REVEAL this to the World.  Christ himself is the single whole merging of ALL things spiritual with all things natural, but his “body” is the part that will be given the awesome privilege of telling the world this.

The hair is standing up on the back of my neck right now.

Do you see it now?

Christ is NOT a single human man. He is a spiritual body made up of many “members”. Most of the members are still dormant and in the sleep of death in the “cave” or the “pit” but the father is waking them up my friend and “calling Lazarus” out of the tomb. I am so excited to share with you that the time REALLY is at hand. The very body of Christ is being raised now and made to come alive in this present world in our present bodies.

Wow, sorry about that. I got very excited there when the Spirit took over and reminded me of that. I do hope you have ears to hear and eyes to see. You will be fed life my friend. His life. And this means you ARE part of his body and the father has POWERFUL and amazing things in store for you to do. Get ready.

Now, back to what I thought I was sharing.

Joseph was captured from his family and thrown into a “pit” (of death) and sold as a slave in the land of “Egypt”. Now, I could sit and excitedly share for pages just on this one sentence. Let’s start with “Egypt”.

What is “Egypt”?

It’s a place of bondage and slavery. It’s a place where you are forced to be a slave to Pharaoh. You have no choice.

It’s the natural human body that is in death or Egypt sold as a slave to sin or “Pharaoh”.

It’s the place where Jesus has been sent to and is being held captive there. It’s a “prison of disobedience” as God tells us in Romans 11:32. He has been divided into many smaller parts under law or “death” (law always divides) and place into individual human bodies. Once these individual human bodies dissolve or die, that part or “member” of Christ will be released to join the rest of the body in Heaven. Once his FULL body is there and all the “souls” of his “brethren” have been killed (Rev 6:9-11) then he will be “twelve” which is “complete” and “whole”. Then, he is ready to go up to Jerusalem and stay there with the teachers for “3 days”.

That is where I believe “he” is right now along with all the parts of his body. Sitting in (spiritual) “Jerusalem” who is our “mother from above” in the temple in the midst of the “teachers” asking questions and revealing to them his wisdom. Luke 2:41-51. This spiritual location is the “right hand of the father” where he is still “sitting”. Sitting denotes resting and listening. That, my friend is what we are to be doing now if we are part of his body. We are there for 3 (spiritual) days. And then, guess what happens on the very special “3rd Day”?

Go to John 2 to find out. This “wedding” is the event that “marries” all of his body together and brings his “bride” who are the individual members (disciples, apostiles, etc.) to himself as one. Once this occurs, he is about to appear to the entire world who will morn over him. Why?

Because God the father will reveal the truth to them. They will all wail and cry and moan just as if they had lost a firstborn son and they did. They actually KILLED him themselves. They were the ones who betrayed, killed and crucified him while they were in natural human bodies.  Every time we don’t believe the Words of Jesus spoken to us in our spirit man, we are betraying and killing him from within.

It is even possible (my mind can imagine this!) that some of us are or were the very people standing at the foot of the (spiritual) cross RIGHT NOW watching Jesus die.   We must never forget that both God and our spirit-man are OUTSIDE of all space and time.  They could be present at ANY age, time or even place.  Ponder that!  It may open up the Word in NEW dimensions never before thought possible.

Oh, I know to our natural, finite human mind these things sound like total craziness. But, my friend, our true being who is spirit is not limited to space and time. It was alive LONG before we have been in our bodies and will be alive forever. Our bodies (who are prisons of darkness, forgetfulness and disobedience/sin) just made us “forget”.

But, God will remind the 11 tribes and the world what they did to his only begotten Son when he appears to them with his full body and in the glorious manifestation of the father.

They will cry and wail, but most of all, they will eventually repent and change their minds. This will save them. After it kills them. Their outer man, that is. He is the prison of disobedience that keeps them from seeing the truth. He must be shed and he will when Christ truly appears in his full glory. The natural “outer” will be destroyed and it will only be the spiritual or “inner” that remains.

So, that is the beautiful end where all is made ONE in Christ. God has been telling us about this throughout the entire Bible both old and new. Until that happens, we must continue to go through the “birth-pains” until the child (his body) is born or appears. But, those who are actually part of his body are sitting with him in the temple right now in the TRUE realm of the spirit. They are learning from the teachers and even starting to teach them as well. All who hear him are astounded at his wisdom.

Now, let’s go back to Joseph who is another view of Christ from the view of his body. He get’s captured and forced into a “pit” (of death) and sold into slavery in “Egypt” which I believe is an actual spiritual country that contains a “Pharaoh” or powerful ruler who has slaves in a body he controls.

Sound familiar?

Are we slaves right now to sin in our bodies forced to do what “Pharaoh” commands us? Do you ever feel you are a slave to habits, hangups and behaviors you would like to see gone? I know I do. Until I am released from this body, I am forced to “work for this current world system” (also called Babylon) and serve it’s King creating his goods to make the kings of this world rich. Otherwise, I can’t feed myself and my family.

I hope you are seeing how BIG this really is.

While being held in the prison of the natural body under the “King of Babylon” and serving “Pharaoh” (sin), we must do what they ask of us. We are “subject to the king” who is sin and the “God of this world”. This is by God’s sovereign plan. We must learn obedience and servanthood. We are carrying the yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar for the long “70 spiritual years” until the “transgression is complete” and the “sins of the Amorite” have been atoned for as God told Abraham in Genesis 15:12-16. This is also a long “400 spiritual years” as well. Remember, there are different realms of the body, soul and spirit. God measures time differently in each of them. This is why he sometimes says “3 hours” and other places (in a different realm) he will tell us “3 days”.

We are being held captive by the fathers will to learn to submit to the King of Babylon and to Pharoah who are both sin in our body and spirit. We can receive NOTHING whether it appears as “good” or “bad” unless the father causes it. John 3:27 As long as we continue to fight against these in our own power, we will continue as we have not learned true servanthood to the father of all spirits.

Just take a look at Joseph and his actions as he is sold into slavery. He is showing us what is going on right now in the spiritual realm, but it’s a view of the body of Christ.

And Joseph simply submits to where God has placed him at the current moment and time. He truly believes in God’s goodness and KNOWS things will somehow end well. He has God’s favor. He is the body of Christ who is currently sitting in a prison cell for “3 days”. Are you connecting all the “3 days” together yet?

Even though Christ himself (a true believers spirit man) is in the highest heaven in Jerusalem sitting in the temple with the teachers, his body is down in Egypt in prison waiting for the end of the “3rd day”.

The body of Christ is going to meet two spiritual people who have “dreams”. One is the “chief cupbearer” and the “baker for the King of Egypt”. Study the words for these and their original meanings. It is astonishing what the Lord is revealing here. One will die who is the “baker”. His name means “to make whole” or “to bake”. His job is our body or outer man who “matures Christ” and makes him “twelve” which is the beginning of wholeness or maturity. The other one is the “chief cupbearer” who will “squeeze the juice” out of the grapes for the King. Check out revelation 14:13-20. I believe the “chief cupbearer” is also the “Son of man” who is the manifestation of Jesus who does his work during the millennial rule where he “harvests” all the grapes on Earth as they are ripe. They become ripe after they have grieved enough to repentance. This is after much pain and sorrow while “baking” in God’s Holy and refining fire.

The chief cupbearer does get his job back but the “baker” ends up “getting his head raised up” while his “body is hung on a tree”. Friend, there is so much deep spiritual truth here.

Remember Jesus telling us “The Son of man has no place to lay his head”?

Why is that?

Because it has been CUT OFF. It has NO BODY… yet. It is in Heaven sitting in the temple learning from and teaching the true spiritual teachers.

So, where is his body then?

It’s “hanging on a tree” dying yet. You could also say it is still in “prison”. It depends on whether you are taking a spiritual (true) view or a natural view of man. His body is cursed and has been “made sin” and is naturally in death yet.  This is the very body of the “Last Adam” who fully replaced the “first Adam” and took his entire body.  It is our outer man and this entire current darkened world that is getting darker yet is about to “give birth”. Spiritually, it’s in prison in the “house of the captain of the guard”. Think about those words… “captain of the guard” and then study the accounts at the end of the gospels where Jesus is captured by Judas Iscariot. Study the words of the ones who “capture” him. They are amazingly similar.

The body of Christ is in prison waiting for “Pharaoh” to have a dream that no one can interpret except Joseph (Jesus). This is ultimately what set’s Joseph (and the body of Christ) free. God gives “Joseph” wisdom that allows him to tell Pharaoh what the dream means.

Don’t you just wonder what that dream is?

I do.

I am very curious, yet very scientific and logical (a STRANGE combination), yet I believe God simply at his Word as it directly states. Even when I can’t yet reconcile or make it “one” with what I already believe and know.  I set that “piece” aside and wait for God to show me where it goes.

Want to know what I hear this morning in my spirit as I get my own two boys off to school?

Could this “dream” that “Pharaoh” doesn’t understand be the VERY mystery of Christ and the ENTIRE TRUE story of the Bible?

Could Joseph be the only one who can reveal this to “Pharaoh”?

It’s what my heart is POUNDING inside and telling ME!

But, let’s wait and see.

God bless you my friend.  Great things are coming and are already appearing.

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