The Rapture – When does it happen?

(Caution – this turns into a whole new topic after I started writing from the heart.  I think some of the fire of God came down from Heaven against current false teachings of the “Christian religion”.  My heart breaks as I want the common, everyday person to know the truth of the REAL gospel.  The truth that is NOT being taught in the Church.  If that statement offends you, then you don’t realize that if you speak 99.9999999999% grace (we still have “some” sin) and .0000000001 law (we need to do something about our remaining sin) then it is NOT The truth.  It may be “some” truth, but not “The” or full truth.  The real version that is 100% is powerful truth of REAL freedom that occurs INSIDE a person.  Its the actual appearance of Christ himself inside who says “you are 100% free of ALL sin no matter what your external man says, thinks or does!  Christ, The spirit of God ALONE is the truth.  My friend, my heart breaks for you to experience this.  This causes me to be very passionate both for you and at the same time AGAINST those who keep us in bondage to false religious teachings.  Its hard to write to both audiences at the same time.  I have great love for the people in the darkness, yet at times great wrath towards those who insist on keeping people under religious bondage.   Could this be what Christ was going through dealing with both the “sinners and tax collectors” who knew they were broken, imperfect people and at the same time facing the self-righteous, religious Pharisee’s who kept them in religious bondage under law?  My heart tells me “absolutely yes!”.  He had to speak STRONG words of wrath against the Pharisee before some would repent and change their mind.  Others were going to wait until the full fire came down from heaven against them before they would repent.  That is what the law and religion does.  It kills us.  Christ alone sets us free!)

I woke up this morning hearing constant thoughts as if I were dreaming.  Personally, I believe it is the Spirit talking to me.  I have mentioned this times before to try to describe it.  It’s as if you awake and others were up before you and having a discussion of which you find yourself in the middle of, listening.

What I remember now a couple hours later is “two will be in a field, one will be taken, one will be left” and “two will be grinding at the same place one will be taken one will be left”.  Once I became more alert I spoke to the Lord and told him that I believed he was telling me about Mary and Elizabeth the mothers of Jesus and John.

See, since he has revealed to me that what the Bible is REALLY teaching is NOTHING at all what we have been taught, I see everything in a totally new way.  It takes a whole new “wineskin” or way of thinking to see it.  Only the Lord can give us that, but if you will ask him, I believe he will give to anyone who asks.  See, it’s not the giving that is the problem.  It’s the ASKING!  We don’t ask because we are either too proud or we don’t have faith.  However, as soon as he takes care of these two obstacles and we finally do ask, we WILL receive. It’s only a matter of when he gives it to you.  The truth is that you already have it, but it has NOT been revealed to you.  What you define as “you” is only a tiny FRACTION of who you really are and most of that is false. Our conscious daily existence now is only the TIP of the iceberg of who we REALLY are.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.   If you truly believe God is a good, loving father who owns EVERYTHING, your heart will begin to celebrate even as you ask.  You will begin to wake up and say to yourself “father, I am so excited to see you work today!”.

Please ask for him to give you wisdom and true eyes to see what the Word really says.  We all have been indoctrinated into a man-made religion that is based on the natural version of the Word.  That is the false shadow version that will be totally destroyed upon his reappearing.  This includes ALL written Bibles!  (If you don’t believe this, I can prove it to you in the Word)   All that will be LEFT is the LIVING Word who is Christ.  Those who don’t know him and were only following the written “image” of him will sadly hear “sorry, I did not know you”.  My friend, I pray that isn’t you.  If you follow and only believe what another man or human teacher tells you, please ask the father to give you eyes to see and ears to hear while seriously digging into the Word in quiet solitude.  It may take a while, but you WILL begin to hear from within.  You just have to start knowing God is good, but he isn’t afraid to feed you very strong discipline until you see that.  When you learn to hear from within, that is the LIVING Word speaking to you.  He sounds just like our thoughts and many of our own thoughts are him speaking to us.  He may have already replaced you and you may not even know it as he speaks to us in our own voice.  The problem is that the accuser of the brethren is still inside our natural soul and he ALSO sounds like us and uses the word “I” when speaking to us.  He no longer exists in Heaven before God’s throne, but we don’t realize that.  He accuses us, TO us and uses phrases like “I am stupid” or “she is pretty, my wife will forgive me”.  However, he is MUCH MORE subtle than that.  He more often says “I need to read more Bible to be a good Christian” or “I should give more to the Church so God is happy”.  Both are the ENEMY but one is in “sheep’s clothing”.  We think it is US doing it and we eventually agree. This feeds us death and condemnation via the law.

So, this morning upon waking I was hearing the thoughts that pertain to Luke 17:22-37 and Matt 24:4-3.  These verses refer to the age or time or “day” when Christ reappears and forces the changeover of the Kingdom from the current one of darkness that we see to the true Kingdom of God that is still hidden from us.  Without trying to constantly answer the “How?” to our outer natural mind, I am just going to share with you directly what I hear from within.  Or at least try.  These things perfectly fit with all the things that he has been revealing.  This, my friend, is the very Kingdom of Heaven that is appearing right now.  Please check out those verses before reading more.

Who are the “two” that seem to be everywhere and one gets taken?

They are part of our current being or person and not a separate person like we are taught.   Part of our Earthly manifestation is under law and is unrighteous.  It must die.  This is our outer, natural man that contains our natural body and the natural or outer part of our soul. This part of our soul contains what popular religious teachings call “free will”.  This false, outer part also interacts with and is aware of the natural body and it’s surroundings in “the World”.  There are two parts to our soul.  One is “male” in a higher realm and one is “female” in a lower (outer) realm.  This is how God interfaces between realms.  It’s a “husband and wife” or “male and female” working together.  The “man” is above and the woman below.  One is “Adam” and one is “Eve”.  Sadly, from our human perspective, the woman always dies as she is lower in the deeper realm of darkness.  But, when she dies, she gives birth to a new spiritual child.   Her death is the “one who is taken away” and only one will remain who is the TRUE, spiritual version.

So, right now, we actually have a soul that is split into two (two women grinding at the mill) and a spirit that is split into two (two men working in “the field”).  One is above and one is “below”.  Christ is going to take one away.  Now, when will this occur?  That is where it takes wisdom.  God’s written Word has TWO versions of everything (one natural, visible, and FALSE and one TRUE, hidden and spiritual) so we can’t figure things out without him revealing it via faith from within.  This, I believe one of these occurrences will be when the “Son of man has his angels gather together the elect from the 4 winds”.  Mark 13:27, Matthew 24:31.  Some call this the “rapture”, but I believe it’s MUCH different than the religious doctrine teaches. I believe that is TRUE body has ALREADY been raptured (or caught up forcefully) with him and is already seated with him at the right hand of God.  I actually believe these verses.

having been buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead  Colossians 2:12

and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus Ephesians 3:6.

Call me crazy or “deceived” or stupid.  I believe God’s Word as it SIMPLY and PLAINLY states.  I HAVE ALREADY been raised with Christ and am right now seated with him in Heaven at the right hand of the father.  Friend, there will be no coming “rapture” for the righteous.  It’s already been done on the upper and TRUE half of a righteous person’s spirits AND souls.  It’s just hidden behind the veil so we can’t see it until we depart from these bodies of darkness.

How do you know if it is you?  Simple.

You begin to believe these words apply to you RIGHT NOW.  If you don’t yet, you at least start to ask the father to reveal the truth to you.  Either one of these are signs that you are ALREADY there in your Spirit and true soul.  The rest who don’t (yet) believe will be left on Earth in their conscious existence for a period of great darkness, refining fire and tribulation “like the world has never seen up to this time nor ever will”.

See, Christ is simply waiting for his entire body to die it’s natural death and join with the other half of their being in Heaven with him (where they already are in the spirit!).  Once all his body dies a natural death, then the end will come and the tribulation will begin for “those who commit lawlessness”.  This is the true view from Heaven of this powerful event of God.  This brings us to the second version which is what this looks like from the side of man on Earth.

The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness,
42 and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear Matt 13:24-31

This second version occurs “AFTER”  the first one once the Son of Man has started to rule and reign.  I say “after” as that is how we think of it but technically they happen at the same time. It’s ONE event but there are two different views.  This is why there are two of EVERYTHING in the Word! One spiritual and true and one natural and false.

(Ok, now is where I become angry at those who are keeping us in religious bondage in the current Church.  They teach a doctrine created by their “denomination” instead of only following the Word!)

In Matthew 13:24-31 above this is how it will look from a natural person’s view.  The Kingdom will have already been given to the Son of man and Heaven and Earth will have fully merged as one.  All those who didn’t believe the truth found in his Word, both written AND Living inside, will be gathered together and tossed into the “furnace of fire”. These are the “tares”.  They will go through a time of intense darkness, turmoil and testing until their unbelief (lawlessness) is finally burned away and they “die” in their soul to the lies they have believed about God and themselves.  They have not yet believed the truth about sin and lawlessness.  They think lawlessness is “NOT following and obeying the law and commandments”.

They are 100% WRONG!

And this is what will get them tossed into the fire until they see the truth.  The darkness of their outer man must be burned away and removed.  The view they have is THE outer man who is under law always trying to fulfill the law and obey the commandments.  They are a husband or wife who “loves” by “not committing adultery”.  What kind of love is that?

Could you imagine coming home after a long day of work and telling your spouse “honey, I really loved you today.  I saw this very attractive young woman (or man) and she was attracted to me.  But, I didn’t commit adultery!”  How will your wife feel?  Would she feel “loved”?

This is what those who are under law and trying to obey the law and commandments are doing.  They are telling Jesus “I didn’t commit adultery today so I have loved you”.  That is not love.  That is eternal “doing” or “not doing”.  It is not true love from the heart within.

People under law like this do not know that “righteousness comes from ABOVE” and not “below” on Earth where man is.  They are still trying to earn THEIR OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS by doing and trying to follow the law and the commandments!

Please, if you still believe you are to follow the law and the Ten commandments, then I beg you to study and meditate on John 16:7-11.  You do not see what this is saying yet. These verses can show us the truth and set us free from the deceptions we are taught every Sunday.  We have NO righteousness of our own. There is NOTHING we can do to obtain a fraction of any righteousness.  If you believe you are to try to obey and follow the Ten Commandments, then you are deceived and are trying to obtain your own righteousness.  This, my friend is the TRUE meaning of “lawlessness” – trying to follow the law to obtain ANY righteousness.


When you follow the law and try to obey the law, you are trying to earn it and are committing lawlessness.

The CHURCH MUST WAKE UP AND REPENT or she will be DESTROYED in the fire!  She still teaches Old Covenant of law.  The Son of man will DESTROY all those who will NOT accept it as a free gift.  That is until they have died enough to see the truth.

Think about it this way.

Your loving father wants to give you the free gift of eternal life.  You want to try to earn it by being under law and resist him to no end.  He knows there is NO life except Christ, so out of his love, he MUST put you through nearly as much in order to get you to accept it and “see” the truth.   He is even willing to chain you up behind a train until you say “ok, I will now consider what you are saying”.  This is after you have been dragged 9 miles and the outer man who was denying the try has been shredded away.  Only then will we be open to look.  Until that time we are religious, “pretty” people who live in hypocrisy and put on a show.  We show up on Sunday and pretend all is good while we are in pain and hurting inside.

We won’t see the truth until we are completely honest.

Complete honesty doesn’t come without much pain, tribulation and trials.

Let me be candid here.  I love the people I went to Church with, but I could not stand the hypocrisy.  I can often see peoples pain right through the masks and watch them (and myself much of the time if I wanted to “fit in”) show up on Sunday pretending they (and I) have no problems.  So often when I see someone in the hallway and they say “Hey Duane, how are you doing?” Often I wanted to tell them something like “I am not well, my son is failing in school and a divorce is very painful” and break down and cry with them.  But, that would not be “socially acceptable”.  We must put on our masks on Sunday.  We must hide who we really are.  I hate this with all my heart as I know it keeps people in a dark prison.  If there is ANY PLACE that we should be able to be FREE and our REAL selves, it’s IN CHURCH.

But, people are taught to hide.  Most can’t handle the truth.

There are some who would be able to handle that and with sincere hearts would help, but many who are NOT WILLING TO BE HONEST INSIDE could never handle that.  They would erect a barrier between you and them and label you as an “outsider”.  They are the religious Pharisee who dresses in “long robes” on Sunday and drives “fancy cars” and put on nice, external appearances.  They know inside it is maggots deep down, but they are not willing to be honest with THEMSELVES, so how could they accept honesty when they see it?

Now, here is the answer for this from “the Church” or organized religion.

Setup a “group” where those issues can be dealt with.  Hide it away and compartmentalize it on Monday or Wednesday night for an hour or two from 6:30 to 8:30. That sounds ok, but what do we do with it the other 164 hours a week?

The true, unspoken answer?

Hide it.  Join us and become a hypocrite who doesn’t have any problems.  Put on a smile and pretend.  It’s not just in the Church. It’s our world.  It’s fake, eternal, pretension.

Well, I am sick of pretending.  Pretending is what is going to get us dragged behind God’s train dragging and dangling in the “furnace of fire” until we stop pretending and get real.

This world is so fully of hypocrisy and pretending.  It makes me ill.  I can’t even do my work lately I am so sick of it.  My friend, when God opens your eyes to see the truth of this world, it will hurt greatly.  You will see that no one truly seeks truth nor cares about Jesus.  They want to follow a man or woman on Sunday, put on their fake smiles and fancy clothes while running from truth who is Christ seeking them.  They are happy with their large SUV and house with the latest gadgets and toys.  Who needs Christ?

Sadly, God is showing me hypocrisy everywhere and it cause me to crave real authenticity found only in the truth and only in Christ.

Sorry friend, but it is not found in the pulpit.  Know how I know and am so convinced?

Find a Church or any organized gathering of Christians that you feel is authentic and is really searching for Christ no matter what.  I and very confident that in a short while scripture could be revealed to them that their version of “religion” does not understand. At this point, they have a major crisis.  Do they reject the scripture because their religion doesn’t accept it while separating and pushing away the one who brought it to them?  Or do they humble themselves and put their religion on the alter and seek the Lord for truth?  Everyone I have come up against has done the former and NONE have done the latter.  There is so little true faith.  The truth is that Christ is offensive to the outer natural religious man.  Chances are if scripture offends you, that you are living as a religious Pharisee of the outer man and have just encountered the true Christ!  This is how the false disciples are identified.  Read John 6 carefully and see what happens to the false disciples when they hear the TRUE and HIDDEN words of Jesus.

This is the TRUE Christ that is offensive to the natural, outer, religious man of hypocrisy.   Boy, do I wish and HOPE someone would prove me wrong.  Please do.  I would love to REPENT and change my mind on this one for some TRUE fellowship with his body.  I have found one person recently that seems to have a true heart for Christ, but time will tell.  Eventually, all the false sheep will fall away.

Very few will find life (in this age).

Now, am I saying that I have “arrived” and have “perfect doctrine”?

NO and STOP saying that.  Most of the time that is only used to JUSTIFY and RATIONALIZE false doctrine and religious teachings of man.

I have not arrived nor a I perfect. If I were, then I would stop seeking and stop caring for others whether they will spend a “thousand years” in the furnace or not.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to try to wake them up now so we both can seek truth together and celebrate Christ together.  Sadly, they don’t follow Christ, they follow their pastor or their denominations doctrinal teachings.  They are in grave danger if they don’t know Christ inside their spirit man.

Now, I say all this to those who are under law and are trying to fulfill the law.  Really, I am speaking directly to the current Church leaders and pastors who teach law instead of pointing to Christ.  If you truly know Christ, you will know the goodness of the father and will DO NOTHING to try to obtain it.  You know you ALREADY have it.  You will NOT EVEN need a PASTOR telling you what to do.  You have ONE PASTOR and Teacher who is Christ and you spend a LOT OF time alone with him.  You will see all the hypocrisy all around you and within you.  You will beg Christ to remove the “doubles” of our life and he will.  He will remove all the false things and leave only himself.  Then, you will be REALLY alone as you will REALLY see all the falsehood and lies around and in this World.  But a fire will burn from within to get others to see it too so they can be set free.

You will then hear the hypocrite teachers say “you need to live it first before you can teach it”.


So, I need to be perfect before I can teach and help others?  Since when does Christ only use perfect people?

That is a total LIE.  It is also what someone would say who demands a “sign”.  That is what the religious mind wants.  A religious Jew always demands a sign.  You know what Jesus says about that.

The truth is that Christ only uses the BROKEN people of this world as they are the only ones who are honest inside.  The rest are hypocrites as their outsides don’t match their insides.  And, where does he say the hypocrites are going to be tossed?

If you need to see in a person’s external man a certain appearance or behavior before you will listen to their words with your heart, then you are demanding a sign and are hypocrite.  You need to repent as you don’t know the true Christ who lives within us.  I am speaking directly to the Christian pastors and teachers who come up against me and the things I share.  They demand a sign or say “you have a demon” (you are deceived).  Does this sound familiar my friend?

Now, this may sound like I am a harsh, angry person.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Anyone who really knows me knows that isn’t true.  I am an easy-going, relaxed, often gentle person.  I want to harm no one and want all to see the truth.

But, right now I am pissed off at the teachers and preachers of religious law in our Churches who “are like dogs that sit in the trough of the food and will not eat nor will they allow others to either”.  They teach law yet they can not fulfill the law themselves.  They load up on the backs of the people rules and regulations. It doesn’t matter how “good” they appear.  Even tell them to “read their Bible” is a religious rule and burden. This is law.

We will read our Bibles if and WHEN the Lord leads us to.  Reading our Bible should be something we WANT to do and CRAVE to do not “have to”.  Wanting is TRUE freedom that we really have.  Wanting appears once we finally get HONEST with the Lord in our quiet times.  We stop “trying” to be perfect and just BE who we are today.  We are who we are because that is who the father made us to be.

I have news for you my friend.  Reading the Bible or praying more is NOT going to change your behaviors or make you one bit more righteous.  Attending Church or volunteering will not make you one ounce more acceptable to God so if that is why you do it, STOP.  Stop ALL religious activity and be like MARY and simply SIT at the feet of Jesus and LISTEN to the Words you hear and go where they take you.  Stop doing what your pastor tells you to do.  That is law and it only condemns you more as we all know we can’t fulfill the law.  That is why we are ALL condemned.

UNTIL we believe the truth.

Once we truly believe, then we are no longer condemned NO MATTER WHAT and have passed over into life.

Once we truly believe Jesus speaking inside us from his Word, we will let go of all “doubles” which is hypocrisy and “doing”.  We will no longer listen to the hypocrites who teach us on Sunday or any other day of the week.  We will learn to HATE hypocrisy which is “doubles” and will truly thirst for righteousness which is the true SINGLE found only in Christ who IS the truth.  That, is true life and it is a life still of trials and tribulations, but it always returns you back to that place of inner peace and rest.  I want you to have that my friend.

So, please know what I am speaking words of Judgment and anger, it is to those who are keeping us under law and teaching law.  They are going to need a LOT of heat before they repent.  They are the Pharisee’s that Jesus spoke strongly against.

But, you my friend are the fathers child and all your sins are completely forgiven and FORGOTTEN because of the sacrifice of the body of Christ.   Don’t allow any of the hypocrites teach you otherwise.  They want to put you back under the painful burden of the law so you will join and follow them in their misery.   Don’t fall for it.  Walk in freedom and in truth.  Only do what you hear in the Word both written and Living inside you.

If you ever want help in learning how to hear from Christ yourself, it would be my honor to help you see the Lord.  His burden is easy and his yolk is light.

Well, I guess I wasn’t supposed to write about the “Kingdoms of Daniel” today.  Maybe soon?  I’d love to show you what the 4 Kingdoms of Daniel 7 are and how we are currently in the 4th “divided” kingdom of both “iron” (law) and clay (man).  I believe that will change over soon and it will be “iron” (Christ, the law of God who rules with a “rod of iron”) and the “clay” that remains will go into FURNACE to be made into a usable vessel.

Actually, it could be here now.  I think you were just hearing the “words of fire”.

Remember, a true disciple knows his voice.  May you have ears to hear.

God bless,


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