Are our bodies really a “Living sacrifice”?

Living sacrifice

Are our bodies a living sacrifice or a “fire offering” for God?

Ever deeply ponder these verses and study the OT law while believing that “God is one” and try to believe they are speaking of the same thing?

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship  Romans 12:1

“For everyone will be salted with fireMark 9:49

Here is what I hear powerfully from within today as I study Leviticus and it causes me to have great internal rest and trust of him no matter what occurs today in my outer man or what humans call “life”. God IS in total and complete control of every aspect of our lives and the end result. We will die. But it ends with a powerful and amazing surprise. LIFE. True life.

Please allow me to speak boldly and share what I am hearing and have been hearing so strongly from within. Here are the questions I ask the Lord and write what I hear as I study.

What does it mean “everyone will be salted with fire”?  What is the TRUE baptism?

Is it a human body being dunked under natural water? Or is it our individual soul being immersed or “baptized” into the spirit (and fire) of God which ultimately causes true repentance (surrender) and gives birth to true life (Holy Spirit) from within us?

What I heard and celebrated.

Our current outer natural man consisting of body and outer soul (Eve) is a FIRE (body) and GRAIN (soul) offering. Both these two parts (natural body and outer soul) together is our true (spiritual) body of “flesh” or “body of sin” or “old man”. Romans 6:6. (Notice the verse numbers?) This is what Paul is talking about when he says present your “bodies” a living and holy sacrifice. It’s not just our natural physical body we can see, but it also includes our natural immaterial self or what I call the “outer soul” or “Eve”. She is the “mother of all the living” because she will “die” and give birth to the true inner soul and man. Our outer natural man (outer soul) under law must “die” (surrender fully) as it opposes God in 100% unbelief. The world calls part of this “old man” the “false self” or the “ego” but it/he/she also includes the natural, physical body under law (power of sin). Here is a quick summary:

Natural definition of “body” = Physical body (only) we see that dies and is buried in the ground.

TRUE (spiritual) definition of “body” = Physical body we see plus our outer soul under the power natural life (Genesis 2:7 incomplete Spirit – NOT Holy Spirit) and is “naked” and lacks the Holy Spirit who is the fulfillment of the law. Thus resulting in “death”. If you want to study this, compare the actual names of the Spirits who descend upon Jesus in Matt 3:16, Luke 3:22 and Mark 1:10. Are they the same or different? Could only the Holy Spirit be the complete spirit that doesn’t lack the fulfillment of the law and the others be “naked”?

Either way, our outer man and true spiritual body is a living sacrifice to God. This is true for everyone who ever lives in a natural human body regardless of their religious beliefs. This is the process we call death and it is also the fulfillment of the Law in the natural realm. Do you see how God is actually fulfilling the entire Old Covenant law through our “living sacrifice” and death?

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship  Romans 12:1

Again, our “natural” man consisting of natural body and natural (outer) soul or “self will” is a sacrifice to God. This is for all people whether they “believe” or not. They are still a sacrifice whether they believe it or not, they will still die as an offering. Christ is the Lord of both the (spiritually) living AND the (spiritually) dead. Romans 14:9. The Lord is the one doing this right now in the spiritual realm of earth and in Heaven itself.

“For everyone will be salted with fire  Mark 9:49

always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body  2 Corinthians 4:10

Notice the words says “dying” of Jesus and not the “death” of Jesus? It truly is ongoing. His is a spiritual death. The word “always” is the Greek word “pantote” and it means: (G3842 pantote pan’-tot-eh from G3956 and G3753); every when, i.e. at all times. KJV: alway(-s), ever(-more).

His death is ongoing and in the eternal realm outside of all ages and time.

This is a fulfilling of the law and what makes us Holy. Everyone will be baptized into the spirit and fire of God thus cleansing and completely purifying them of all unrighteousness as they “die” in both body and (outer) soul to “self” and their true and new spirit man emerges from within. This inner and hidden spirit man is the son of God. Will the inner spirit man fully replace the outer? God’s Word seems to indicate we will be “one” but also retain some separateness. This is the mystery he calls “one” or (true) union. It somehow is “two” and yet “one”. Only God can pull something like this off. He is so awesome and amazing.

Our living sacrifice that God is doing is actually a fulfillment of the Old Covenant law. The Lord Jesus is doing this right now for us.

Every grain offering of yours, moreover, you shall season with salt, so that the salt of the covenant of your God shall not be lacking from your grain offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt  Leviticus 2:13

‘No grain offering, which you bring to the Lord, shall be made with leaven, for you shall not offer up in smoke any leaven or any honey as an offering by fire to the Lord  Leviticus 2:11

The “grain offering” is not to be made with “leaven” or what Paul calls “leavening of the law” in Galatians. This is any mixing of old covenant with new. Old Covenant says man must do something to receive from God. None of man’s self efforts are included other than they are the actual offering we “surrender” to God. Even 100% of the faith we need to believe any of this or “carry it out in the body” is from God. This is how Jesus is the author or “originator” and perfector or “finisher” of our faith. He not only originates it (it is his very faith given to us) but he keeps going until it is complete and the full sacrifice (what we call “death”) of the outer man is finished.

Isn’t this powerful?

God is not “sitting in some far away place called ‘heaven'” waiting for us. He is VERY ACTIVE right now in all our lives. Everyone’s lives. All are “dying” as a “living sacrifice” to God and this is being done by the “Lord of both the living and the dead” – Jesus. He is sitting at “God’s right hand” which is the spiritual ruling Heavens of Earth right now. He us using the law which produces “death” in us to totally fulfill the law in his entire body. He truly is still on the “cross” dying a spiritual death yet as of right now as the verses in Matthew and Mark tell us. Once this entire creation “passes through the blood” and fully dies all things will be made new. Ponder the end of Romans 8. It’s beautiful. It’s much bigger than we an imagine. God is much more powerful and awesome than we can ask or imagine.

Right now He is performing Luke 6:1 in the spiritual realm on Earth as God and his Holy law “consumes” us as a living sacrifice. Notice the chapter number “6”. Luke = realm of the soul.

Now it happened that He was passing through some grainfields on a Sabbath; and His disciples were picking the heads of grain, rubbing them in their hands, and eating the grain Luke 6:1

Here is something that you may be surprising at first but is amazing once you see it.  I bet the women reading this will appreciate it, at least in part.  Did you know that the first living being with the name of “Adam” / Strong’s 121 (and not the classification of “Adam” Strong’s 120) was actually part of THE WOMAN in Genesis 3 and not “The man” of Genesis 2 and 3?  She is a spiritual woman and not a human woman.

“She” was a multi-part subservient spiritual “man”.  Her name was “Eve” but she also contained the name “Adam” inside her from Genesis 2:21!  She was actually “pregnant” from Genesis.  See Revelation 12 when she gives birth.  I am sure this sounds crazy if you never heard this before, but you have to study the original words and think yourself about what they are truly saying.  Now, if you look at the original word for “The Woman” (Strong’s 802) it is a slight variation of the word meaning “fire offering” which is Strong’s 801!  I am sure that most women would agree that in this world and culture they often feel taken for granted and as if they were “tossed into the fire”.  The truth is ALL OF US HAVE BEEN “salted with fire”.  That fire is being “baptized” into a body under law without the ability to fulfill the law.  That feels like “death” but it will lead us all to life.  True life.

May our loving father open our eyes to the TRUE REALITY that is hidden from our natural eyes and minds so we can truly see his powerful and full sovereignty, glory and love for all mankind. He truly is making the “two” who were separated under law into one” new man. Ephesians 2.

God bless you today.

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