How man in Darkness Receives the Truth

How can man who is in darkness see the light?

How can man who is in darkness see the light?

Ever wonder how man in his “fallen” state or darkness can receive the truth inside if God says he is “blind” and “deaf”?  To understand this we have to realize that in the Spirit everything is one and “separation” or parts only exist in this current realm of spiritual darkness.  The realm of darkness has to break things up into small parts called “words” and “language”.

The way I share these things you are reading is I write free-flowing as scripture seems to “speak to me” from within. In the Spirit the truth is God himself and he is ONE. Both he and truth are not divisible into pieces or parts. Anything that is truth is part of the one whole truth or God (Jesus) himself. Full truth goes far beyond what is revealed to us in the written Word as the Bible says that if “all the things that Jesus did were written down in detail, the world itself could not contain all the books”. John 21:25 It also says that “Jesus IS the truth” John 14:6, John 1:14, John 1:17, Colossians 3:11, Colossians 1:17 Do we really understand what that statement means “Jesus IS truth”?  I don’t believe we do and if we do understand it, we don’t believe it.

How big is your Jesus? Was he just a man who walked the Earth two thousand year ago?  Or is he the Omni-present (present everywhere) and all-powerful God who created the universe, holds all things together and all power and authority reports directly to him?  Do we need to get a much bigger view and understanding of him – one that lines up with scripture?

This may sound offensive to some and challenge your “religious bone”, but isn’t it obvious that (John 14:6, John 1:14, John 1:17, Colossians 3:11, Colossians 1:17) clearly says that “wherever truth is, that is where Jesus is“?  If John 21:25 is true and Jesus is MUCH bigger than an entire world of books could contain, doesn’t this mean that we can also find Jesus OUTSIDE the written Word?  I know what many are thinking reading this – that this is heresy.  I am only asking you to stretch your view of Jesus.  I believe he is MUCH bigger than the written Word – that he is a SPIRIT that is present everywhere, but especially in our hearts.  Doesn’t Colossians 3:11, Colossians 1:17 and John 21:25 say that?  I believe it does.  Is it even possible to contain him in a book of any size?  Does truth doesn’t have to be connected to Christian doctrine (teachings), religion (doing something FOR God) or even the Bible (per John 21:25) as neither contain ALL truth?  Or is it only man who insists on a miniscule view of truth that he believes is the WHOLE truth and won’t accept anything he feels is outside of that?

My friend, please hear me out.  I am not saying we should disregard or disbelieve the written Word by ANY means.  I am saying the written Word is a POINTER or tutor as part of the “shadow” only that is to take us deeper so we can learn to LIVE BY HIS SPIRIT WITHIN US!  Eventually, in the fullness of time, his written Word will go away and all will live directly by his Spirit.  We won’t have to “look up” scripture or “memorize it” as “all will know the Lord”. Hebrews 8:11, Jeremiah 31:34, Isaiah 54:13, 1 Kings 8:60  I believe we are approaching those times and it is very exciting to see.  I am praying for you my friend that you will continue to have an open heart which will allow you to achieve a much deeper understanding and revelation of both who God is and who God says you are. This will continue to feed you much life, peace and joy. I want so much more for you. In order to receive all what God wants to give us, we need to continue to trust our hearts more and religion less.

So, what keeps us from knowing the truth via God’s Spirit directly from within us?  The very darkness of our natural bodies and brains that we, who are spirits, are wrapped in.

How Darkness affects the Truth

All humans are still wrapped in the darkness as the natural body and human brain which is made of the dust of the ground which was cursed. Man is living his daily experience from the realm of darkness called the realm of the “shadow”. In this realm truth can not yet be seen or known directly without an “interpreter” who is Christ himself. The darkness we are wrapped in simply does not comprehend the light or truth. John 1:5 This is why the natural or human mind does not know God or the things of God as they are pure nonsense to him. 1 Corinthians 2:14 Regardless of our beliefs or salvation status, we are all still living through the natural mind which is in our still-darkened human brain. We simply do not have the ability on our own to see or understand anything about God or truth. God must do this for us if we are to know any truth at all. Praise God he sent a light and all-powerful spirit named Jesus into the Word to “enlighten every man”. John 1:9 This “light” is MUCH bigger than the man Jesus we know who walked the Earth and was crucified. We no longer are to regard or know Jesus according to the flesh or as a human man. 2 Corinthians 5:16  He is and was God himself! John 10:30, John 1:1

How Man Shares Information in the Natural realm

Please allow me to share with you a powerful truth I believe God has revealed to me about how man, who is still wrapped in the darkness of a spiritually darkened human body, receives truth in his heart. God alone is truth and light but man still lives in and “experiences” life in and “through” the darkness of his human body. In his natural existence he only relies on his five senses, natural mind and human instinct which fears death. Man shares and learns through written and spoken words and languages of the Earth. What he wants to share or learn has to be broken down into little bits and pieces of information that must be “coded” properly into written and spoken language and words that the recipient will be able to “decode”, “unpack” and hopefully understand.  That is if the small chunks called “communication” even reach their intended target.  Much goes wrong in the realm of darkness and communication is thwarted.

Let me give you an example of this process.  If I want to ask Bob to do something for me, I must think about the proper way to ask him.  This happens very fast and we don’t even realize we are doing it.  My brain arranges the though into words either spoken or written and I “send” them to Bob.  They may not even reach him through the realm of darkness where MUCH distraction and “noise” can keep them from reaching him.  If Bob receives them then his brain unpacks the bits and pieces called “words” or “language” and reassembles them into an idea or thought that hopefully, has meaning to him.  If all goes well, Bob will have received and “unpacked” and “decoded” enough of the words to form an idea and he can receive it in his heart and can “feed” off of it in their actual being or inner man.  From there, Bob can decide what to do with the question you asked and when he answers, he will do the same process back to you.  It is much like a Morse code communication if you think about it. The actual idea or question is sent through a “code” called language into the darkness where much confusion can keep it from reaching the recipient. Then, it must be received by the intended recipient and “decoded” for meaning so he can then interpret it’s meaning. This happens every time we “communicate” or share information from our heart to someone else’s heart.  In this darkened realm, our hearts are still separated by the darkness and there are many things that can go wrong as the recipient may not receive or understand the message. Such are the ways of communication in the darkness.  It is not that way in the Spirit as there is no separation.

Such is not the way of the Spirit and light outside the natural realm of man. In the spirit realm, all is one mind. All people will be connected as one Spirit and thus there will be no separate written or spoken languages in Heaven. 1 Corinthians 6:17 I believe we will all communicate as one in our own mind. This is what I believe man had on Earth before Genesis 11 when God created “babel” or “confusion” by forcing written and spoken ways of communicating along with separate languages. I suspect that before this time all people spoke one language – the one language of the spirit. Genesis 11:6-9 Thus, man’s earthly communication became confusion or “babel” when it was no longer one method via the spirit.

All Man is Wrapped in Darkness

So man now regardless of his spiritual condition is wrapped in the darkness of the fallen human body, can’t see or know God (or truth) and is now speaking separate languages in a realm of darkness. There are enormous possibilities of error and only a small portion of communication meets it’s intended target and is understood as sent. As a result, man can only receive pieces of the thought or idea that are sent through the darkness of spoken or written human words. One man thinks about what he wants to say, arranges the words in a way that he believes the recipient can understand and then chooses his method of transfer either written or spoken. The recipient takes in these words into himself via reading or listening and “decodes” them inside his human mind to determine meaning. This meaning is fed to his heart where his true self is and he responds from his heart. This process happens very fast and he does the same thing himself in reverse order when he responds to the person communicating with him. There are many things that can go wrong with communication in the broken, separated realm of darkness.

How Man Receives Truth in His Heart

In order for man to receive truth, he must allow the words he hears to be unpacked and decoded as we discussed. However, he must also allow them to go into his true heart where Christ himself (who is all truth) dwells. Only Christ himself is truth and only he can “decode” those words from within you and feed you the truth personally. Faith comes by hearing, but the truth you are hearing MUST meet Christ inside where he makes it into his personal spoken Word for it to be understood by you. This is what I believe it means in the second part of Romans 10:17 in that “hearing” comes by the “Word of Christ” himself. There are two types of “Word”. One is the written Word or the Bible and one is the actual personal, spiritual spoken words of Christ himself from inside you. We will not understand any of the written Word we hear or read unless Christ himself translates or speaks these words from inside our heart. He alone can “decode” them from within us! This is why it is good to take in all things and carefully examine them so Christ can reveal the truth to us from within. He unwraps the darkness around the truth and feeds us (our spirit-man) the truth personally.

Should We Fear Being Deceived?

Christ himself who is both truth and our faith works from both outside us and within us. He sends the external words that he wants us to take in. They may not even appear to be “Christian” as he uses ALL things for our good. Then, from within us he unwraps the darkness of the human language and exposes the actual substance of the truth inside them. He disposes of any falsehood or darkness and only feeds you the truth. When this truth is fed to your inner man, this is when LIFE springs forth from within you and it’s very powerful. If a person is unwilling to take in and think at a deeper level all the words he hears or reads, this process is blocked and he will miss many powerful truths. I believe this is the most beautiful truth of 1 Thessalonians 5:21 that says “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” I believe this scripture to be telling us we need to be willing to listen to anything and everything we hear both inside and outside what we call “commonly accepted Christian doctrine”. If we are, Christ himself inside your heart will feed you life as he is the “light of every man” and he personally feeds you the truth. John 1:9 This process has taken many including myself into amazingly deep and wonderful waters with the Lord. This is eating of the “living bread” of Christ (all truth) and how the inner spiritual man is fed. You will be overwhelmed with joy over the “living waters” that flow from within. John 7:38

Has God revealed any other ways to confirm this is how our Inner man is fed truth?

I believe God has been showing us these powerful truths in things we know from everyday, natural life. In other words, we can look at the created things we know and actually gain deeper spiritual understanding of the Spirit realm or things we can’t see. I just shared how I believe the inner “spiritual man” is fed the truth or “bread of Christ” by Christ himself inside. If you think about it, God gave us a powerful type or example of this in how our physical body digests food and extracts the energy (truth) from it. When we feed our physical bodies, our food is not ALL energy or “truth”. Some of it is waste or “darkness” and is unusable by our bodies. However, we take it in, chew it up, swallow it, and our stomach digests it. Our stomach breaks down the food and separates the usable energy from the waste. Our stomach automatically stores the energy (truth) and disposes of the waste (darkness/lies) and we don’t need to even think about it at all. This is exactly what Christ does with the spiritual “food” we take in via human words and language. Christ is our “stomach” and we trust him to feed us the truth inside us. Thus, the way our physical bodies obtain energy is a POWERFUL unveiling of how our spirit-man is fed the bread of Christ! There are so many more things God has revealed to us very plainly that allow us to understand the deeper truths of the Spirit. It is very exciting to discover these. To me, it’s like gold mining and I LOVE to DIG for God’s Gold!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this discussion. I know it was deep at times and I tried to make it so any everyday person can understand it. I pray that these words would be taken into your being and that Christ himself will feed you the truth and life from them.

God bless you.


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