The Amazing Mystery of The Garden and Tree of Life

Good afternoon friends,

I want to share something very powerful God has revealed to me after many, many hours of intense study, prayer and deep thought.

But, most of all…

Listening…to what I hear in my thoughts after deep Bible study and questions.

I have via the Lord’s guiding drawn out a verse by verse and word by word “illustration” of the mystery of Genesis 2:4-2:9 and “The Garden”.  Sometimes I even got to one original language “word” and waited on the meaning to “appear”.

I can’t begin to describe the powerful revelations that this has unlocked from Genesis to Revelation!

Now, we can begin to see what is really happening in Genesis 3!

I have done this over and over many times.   I am sure he will have more updates as he reveals them.

The mystery occurs where “up” meets “down” or where “east” meets “west”.  As humans, we can’t define that.

Only God can.

But, the result is amazing.

Look at what happens to the “Tree of Life” when it gets “planted” in the Garden.  See what happens to it “below”.

This will blow you away when the Lord reveals it to you.

Ever wonder why there are always “two” of everything in the Bible?

This one key begins to reveal the mystery of Christ.

If you feel led, please look very closely at Genesis 2:4-2:9 and compare it with the illustration below.  This is what the Lord revealed to me.

May God reveal this to all of us so life can flow from within like I have been experiencing!

God bless and may Christ be revealed inside you.


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The mystery of the Garden of Eden

Look at the powerful mystery of the Garden of Eden. Is this why we have “double vision”?

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