Old and New – Double Vision?

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I have had the most powerful week on record in terms of hearing from the Spirit within.

I can’t begin to describe what I am hearing.  The time alone with the Lord is so refreshing in the life that comes from within.  It’s so beyond words.

But, to get there a person has to wade through much darkness that the Lord sends you into and through.  I have a teenager that has been struggling greatly in his life especially in the past 5 years.  He is diagnosed with bi-polar and ADD by the world standards.  He’s very creative yet does not fit into any molds that the world creates.  He is also the image of his father in many ways so he and his father are often at odds.  He is in open rebellion against the Lord and doesn’t hide it like the rest of us.  However, that is the path the Lord has him on at this time.  I pray he will release him from within soon.  I pray the darkness has done it’s work inside of him so the light can shine.

I know it has been working hard inside me through the trials and tribulations of this “death” of natural life.

This morning I woke up hours before the alarm with a bright circular flash of light in the shape of a globe.   I heard the words in my head much like a dream “when the ends meet, there is destruction in the middle”.  I sat up and was wondering what that meant.  Later on in the AM I started making pictures of the thoughts that were coming to me.  Now, just so you aren’t alarmed, I now understand the true meaning of the word “destruction”.  Our natural bodies are in the realm of “destruction” as is part of  (bottom half or “Eve”) our natural soul.  They must “die” and be born again or transformed to enter the Kingdom.  Anything that is not God himself will be completely and utterly destroyed in his presence.  Actually, it’s impossible for anything to even exist apart from God but I don’t want to get stuck in that loop.

That is the WHOLE purpose of the law and the place the Lord called “outer darkness” or “destruction”.  It destroys the darkness we are wrapped in so we can see the face of Jesus.  It will happen to all of us no matter what our human “will” says.  God himself plans this according to his plan.

We must be born again to enter the Kingdom.  Who we were dies.  The old is gone.

I have been spending so much time studying the genealogy from Genesis and connecting the most amazingly powerful dots to Revelation.  Let me tell you my friend, when God connects these for you the light from within will illuminate the room, practically.  You will jump for JOY and praise the father for revealing YET another powerful thing to you.  You will begin to see how the “old” ties in with the “new”.  Really, it doesn’t and that is the amazing revelation.

But, my outer man clings to try to get to “know God” via logic and wisdom and God is willing to allow me to try.  I bet it is funny to watch at times.

My heart so cries for unity and “one-ness” between the “old” and the “new”.  After all, isn’t God the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

If so, why all the change from before the divider to “now”?

The Lord says “seek and ye shall find”, right?  I can personally attest that is true.  Each and every time.  I just have to wait for him and when I sense it in my heart, run towards it.


A flash of powerful inspiration and LIGHT from within.

The answer!

“Thank you father”, I end up saying over and over.  I try to find someone to share it with so they can experience it too, but if it’s real, no one will be found who truly understands.  It’s a personal experience unique for each of us.  We can only point the Jesus and his written and living Word.

He will reveal the father personally from within.  But, even then, we can only see an “image” of the father.   But, that is very powerful!  No one can see the father directly.

As you share your powerful “meeting with God” with others, the people under law and will be driven off.  That’s what the law does.  Divides and pushes away.  As the Lord continues to build a single, powerful view or “image” of himself, he will appear bigger and bigger.  More loving and powerful all the time.

You will sit at his feet all the time wanting more of him each moment.  As you keep digging into his Word and asking him to reveal more, something strange and alarming may occur.


Of faith…

Maybe even semi-panic.

He will reveal to you the most amazing and powerful thing that has occurred but never revealed publically.

I call it the expanse.  It’s an abstract idea called “the unknown”.

Ever hear how you can’t “stare directly at the ‘sun’ or it will damage your eyes”?

That is the physical realm concept God gave us of what happens when we stare directly at the “son” revealed within while trying to find him in the Old Testament.

Math calls it “infinity” or absolute zero.  Math and science don’t really understand it, but its fun to play with.  You can’t stare “directly at it”, nor can you “work your way there”, but you can just accept it exists and is true.  That’s right my friends, math and science DO teach faith!  You don’t know how many times in college I have argued with my math professors saying “that isn’t possible” and the would say “yes it is” but couldn’t really prove it.  (Yes, I was actually on the OTHER side of faith in college!)  They could prove it “exists” but they couldn’t prove how to get there.  It took a leap of faith.  It’s like taking 8 and cutting it in half repeatedly.  You will NEVER get to 0 doing that.

In school when I realized that, I was astounded.

I just had to accept that 0 and “infinity” did exist.  I couldn’t “prove” they do.  Sure, I can prove there is something “there” called “infinity” or “Absolute zero”, but there was no way of looking directly at them from this current realm of finite things.

0 is nothing.  In my mind, it can’t exist.  Same for infinity.  We only understand the things in-between.  It takes faith.  Just like the truth.

This is why the human mind naturally does NOT know God.  This is why “Atheists” fight against God.  They are trying to find infinity themselves.

Impossible.  Futile.

So, what does all this have to do with faith and truth?

Amazingly enough, I found you will run into this CRISIS when you dig deeper into the Old Testament after Christ is personally revealed in your own personal book of “Revelation”.  Did you know the father wrote an individual copy for each one of us?

I have concluded there is a huge “infinity” in the most likely of places.

Right between the old and the new!  It causes one to be dazed and confused… giving them double vision.  Check this out.

double vision



I don’t know if you have ever experienced this?  I have… by starting from the finished work of Christ and then go from Genesis and the Old Testament and work forward.  You know “begin with the end (finished work) in mind” as Steve Covey wrote about.  Powerful things will occur and fire and light will come from within.  As you progress from Genesis 1:2 towards the New Testament, you feel the connection between the Old and the New is fast approaching..

Within reach…

You will get very hungry for more and keep digging.

Then, you will get….

Double vision!    As you reach the expanse.  Or are you already IN the expanse?  Did we start there?

Only God knows.  We are like a dog chasing his own tail.  Stuck in the infinite loop.

I understand it now.

Remember the “firmament” that God put in place in Genesis 1?  Could that be related?

I think so.  God only allows our human logic to take us so far.  Right up to the edge of the abyss.

Let me tell you how it worked for me.

I was under law until God revealed to me that “I died to the Law” in Christ.  Yet, I know I am alive.  Yet somehow “dead”.  There it is again.

Could this be part of the “mystery of God” in Christ?

This started a process of destroying the outer man who is under law.  He’s never full “dead” until we leave our bodies, but at some point, we will hear Christ from within.  That is when we encounter him and our life is changed.  Actually, we are shown our TRUE life – him.  We have been living a false identity until then.  We thought we had our own life apart from him.  That thought is law, separation.  It will kill you until he appears again.. within you.   The real you.

Do you see that law has an amazing purpose?  For me personally, I am seeing how it works now.  It is beyond words, but still I try.

First, it hides Christ so we are not destroyed.

Second, it kills itself enough to reveal a reflection of Christ within.. for a short, fleeting “glimpse” of his beauty.

There’s nothing we can “do” to make it happen.  Doing is always law and that always kills us.  But, the law does make Christ appear.  So, I could be wrong.

See how trying to explain him puts us in the expanse of infinity again?

The father is in charge of when we see Christ…, he just appears.   When he does, you will find yourself over (and in?) the expanse and back in the New Testament asking “How did I get here?”  You will find yourself lost in many circles repeatedly.   I will share some examples soon as the Lord wills.

He shows us that we are already at the spot we are trying to work our way to.

This is mind blowing when it occurs.  Very humbling.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Such are the ways of God.  He is so hidden.  In the shadow.

So, God has personally spoken to my own scientific mind and created a crisis of double-vision between the Old and the New.  My mind reasons through all this:  “It is impossible that God is a man.”  “It is impossible that God himself died on a cross inside of time.”  You can’t get to Zero of infinity by counting or dividing.

As impossible as it is, I know one thing.

“With God, ALL THINGS are possible!”  Matthew 9:26

Just don’t ask “How, Lord?”, unless you want to get double vision.  He will be glad to explain it to you.   I found he takes you up as far as the human mind can go… right up to the expanse and then reveals a perplexing thing..

That you are already on the other side!   How did that happen?

That is the mystery, my friend.

You may need to have your eyes checked when he is done

Have a great Monday.


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