Our Eternal Homes (within?)

View from eternal home within? (courtesy of Maxpixel.net)

Ever wonder “Where is our eternal , heavenly” home?”

According to Psalm 49:11, it’s not “up there” or “out there” as some believe and teach.  Psalm 49:11 (and Luke 17:21) says our eternal (“heavenly”) home is WITHIN you.

First, see Psalm 49:10 below. It says we will be “dying” and leave our belongings to “others”. Don’t be too concerned about the words “brutish-one” and “one-stupid” those are not properly translated. One means “rich” (ksil) and one means “on foot” (ubor). Also, please notice it doesn’t say we will fully “die“, but just “be dying” which I believe means “to disappear from visible sight”.

After all, can darkness ever overtake light?  Or does the darkness always flee once the light is turned on?

Psalms 49:10


Then, please check out the next verse of Psalm 49:11 carefully. It reveals that “WITHIN of them” (us) are our TRUE, eternal houses that we will live in forever (and I believe we are already there but can’t see or sense it).

Meanwhile, outwardly (via our “humanity), we are “tabernacling” (temporarily living in) for-generation and-generation (outwardly, visibly); we are “called” (given a life purpose) and given “names” and placed on “grounds” (different lands, nations).

Psalms 49:11


The New Testament parallel verse in Luke 17:21 is just as beautiful. It says you will NOT see the kingdom of heaven via outer perception or senses. It is INSIDE YOU.

Luke 17:21 – The Kingdom of God (theou) is inside you


If this is true, how does this make you feel about God’s goodness and love towards you?