New Post notifications fixed and New Site Index online

How to fix technology?

How to fix technology??? (click to visit my business website)

Good morning,

The user notifications of new posts should be fixed and if you create a user account, you will be notified of new posts.  Thanks for  your patience.

Isn’t technology fun?  That is how I make my living in my “earthly” work and I know how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work.

Also, a new Index page is online that lists all the site content in a nice, HUMAN-readable format.

YES!  Now us “humans” can find what we want in addition to all the computer robots like Google that roam around the Internet looking for content. It is on the left site of the site just below the site title and tagline “We can’t handle the truth, it’s TOO good”. Here is a link directly to it.

I have also included below a list of some of my favorite post that fed me the most encouragement from within.

One topic that I keep hinting around about is “who is the REAL God of Israel in the Old Testament“?  This is huge and when God releases this truth, I believe it is going to change Christianity entirely from its very foundational core I have already shared it with a list of Pastors and Teachers both locally and across the country. I hope to be able to share it soon.  In the meantime, ask God yourself this question and see what he shows you in the Word.  I wrote about it in the bottom of the page Scriptures we are taught NOT to believe by the religious mind.

God bless you and may you hear his gentle, loving voice today and find rest in it whatever you are doing.


Some of My Favorite Posts

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