What really is “sin”? (Is it real?)

You can’t be in the building called Church or with a devout well-studied Christian for very long without hearing “a sinner saved by grace” or “God can’t look on sin”. You will hear how man has broken God’s perfect standards and must be punished by death. I am not saying there is not some truth here, but there is the most amazing TWIST that man does not yet fully see and God (who IS Love!) is revealing to us these days. This is a truth that the everyday “working” man needs to hear. It will amaze and astound him when he does finally hear it.

Do we “Sin”?

Yes, but it is bigger than we realize.  True “sin” is unbelief of the truth that Jesus TOOK away all the sins of the world!  John 16:9

By default, we are under the old covenant of law and can not see this powerful truth.  God’s spirit simply has to help us see it.  This is the TRUE effect of “sin” or spiritual blindness – not being able to SEE the TRUE reality.  This spiritual blindess is the reason why we behave in ways that are sometimes called “sin”.  They are not the TRUE sin, however which is SPIRITUAL and totally outside of behavior.

First, let’s think about who God is from a non-biblical or logical, scientific thought. God is all that exists.  He is the whole pie and everything else is but a slice of it.  In math he would be the number one on the right side of the equation where we would be adding or subtracting fractions.  Everything would always add up to one.  God IS ONE! God is everywhere and there is no place that he is not. Christianity calls this “omnipresence”. Our everyday common sense or logical minds will confirm these things. Let’s forget all the religious jargon and thoughts we have been taught and simply use common sense.  God is very logical and scientific.  All of that is a part of him.

Are we in agreement so far?  I hope so.

Now, lets look to the Bible to ask ourselves how “sin” is defined. Usually it is defined as breaking or “transgressing” God’s perfect law. When a person does this, they are operating in “darkness” or “outside the will of God”. Self-righteous, religious man will condemn this person for these “evil” actions and behaviors.  Earthly or natural law will punish them. This really is by God’s law as under his perfect law, man is condemned for sin, any sin. Condemnation is the administering of guilt and shame for sin or separation from God via what God calls “death”.

So, let’s closely examine this whole idea of “operating outside the will of God” or in “darkness”. Let me ask you this. Didn’t we already determine that God is everywhere? If God is everywhere as we agreed, how can we operate outside his will or in “darkness” unless God allowed it to occur? Could the very forces of “evil” and “darkness” be but a servant to God himself tasked to carry out the dark side of his love?

Or do we believe that somehow Satan and his minions are stronger than God and darkness is stronger than light? Have we ever turned on a light and the room stayed pitch dark? I haven’t. It’s impossible. There is more to “sin” than we know – that man can see in his natural, blinded state.

What about free will?  Doesn’t man have the freedom to make any choice he wants?  To either love or reject God?

Yes and no.  Man can make any choice he wants in the darkness, but once Jesus turns the light on inside him, he can no longer pretend he is in the dark!

God and God alone decides when man “sees” the truth, when the lights come on inside man’s heart.  Man can not have any say in this deep part of him he knows nothing about.

Also, remember that God never left even in the darkness!  He can’t. It’s impossible. He is present EVERYWHERE, even IN THE darkness and he can override the darkness at ANY point he chooses.  Any choice that we make in the darkness, he can easily at any time turn on the light and we will immediately see and choose truth. We are only blinded temporarily so we can’t see or know he is there. This was by HIS doing and if we say we originate the “sin” it would not be true because he put us in this place where it is allowed to occur – the dark.  When we see this, we will quickly realize there is NO such thing as “free will” (as often taught). The Bible tells us this in MANY places but unfortunately our own blindness blocks us from seeing it. We are so blind (without God) that we can’t even see we are in the dark. However, he will shine the light of truth if we will but ask him to.  We will see and rejoice.

Let’s look at another definition of sin that we are often taught and I already mentioned. “Sin is breaking or transgressing God’s perfect law”. I completely agree with this, but do we really know what this means? God’s perfect law is like a chain and if you break one law one time, the whole chain is broken. Thus, who is the ONLY ONE who doesn’t ever break God’s perfect law?

GOD HIMSELF! It requires a PERFECT man or GOD HIMSELF to do it!

Please think about this. If we want to be under this very strict and perfect definiton, it is impossible for man by himself to not sin. Man without God can do nothing but sin. We don’t get to pick and choose what we classify as sin and what we don’t.  We don’t get to point to things that others do that we don’t.  Everything that man does on his own is sin no matter how good or righteous it appears. He could even preach a sermon or help an old lady accross the street, but if it is not God’s perfect will, it is sin! Do you really want to be under this perfect and strict definition of “sin”? If you do, that is your choice, but lets not feed others death by putting them under it. Let’s set them free by helping them see and experience this very powerful truth!  Because of what God did in Christ at the cross for ALL MANKIND, THEY ARE FREE!  COMPLETELY!    They really are just as free as those of us who already know this and “believe”, they just don’t know they are free!  There is nothing they have to do to make it happen, it’s already been done.  Let’s tell them so they may believe it!  Run, be free.  There never were any chains around your neck.

Wait!  How did they get free from being a “sinner” and from the bondage of “sin”?

Let’s say hi to Jesus Christ. He was God himself in a human body. He knows the horrible condition we (All of ADAM’s body) were in because he set all the rules and all the players report directly to him. He has a good and perfect reason for the condition we were in. He has to be the one to set is free! He played the game called the (perfect) “law” and got a perfect score for all mankind, not just those that “believe”. This is the only score that win’s the game. The self-righteous among us have to know that the only way to not sin is to be as perfect as God himself! Impossible for man. When he got the perfect score in the game of “law” we were all set free. He free’d all mankind whether they “believe” or “not”.  Not only did we get set free from all sin, but we were set free from the very definition of law that kept man in complete BONDAGE to lies.

I will be fair here and also say that we can’t even receive this powerful truth until he shows it to us personally.  But it starts with us telling others from the outside and that meets him in our heart and we finally “believe” or really “receive” or “experience” this powerful truth.  Hence my purpose here!  He reveals this first from his written and spoken Word (truth) and then confirms it with us from the INSIDE.  This is all according to his perfect plan for each and every person that ever lived. This has NOTHING to do with saying a “sinners prayer”, changing your behavior or doing “right” and avoiding “wrong”.  That is all man’s will and man’s efforts.  (I am not saying that is wrong to do those things.  You are FREE!) As a matter of fact, he has been telling us plainly in his Word that man’s will plays NO PART in our freedom. We simply couldn’t see it (and still can’t) due to our own blindess. He fixed a HUGE problem we didn’t even know we had and most still don’t. I do hope he will show us this for the first time and really be free.

who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. John 1:13

But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace Rom 11:6

So, God set us all free from this thing called “sin” by beating the game of “law” that demanded a perfect score.  All of Adam was rescued from outside the garden, not just parts of him. There was nothing we could do as our own will played no part. If we are blind, how will we begin to know this personally? Once again, his son Jesus takes care of that too.

There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man (John 1:9)

Jesus is not only ALL truth that exists wherever it exists, Jesus is also the true light or true understanding of the truth. Unless God shows us what he did for all mankind, setting them ALL free, no one will even know what happened. They simply don’t even know the extent of their blindness.  We didn’t even know “what we didn’t know”. It is the very job of Jesus to shine the light of this powerful truth and how he fixed it, into our hearts. It’s his and our wonderful pleasure to give the true “good news” or the “Gospel”. It’s all done and finished for everyone. We just need to receive the news and immediately live accordingly.  No prayers to say, no works to be done.  Just thank him! The war is over and has been for a long time. We just haven’t been notified yet. We can put our weapons down and go home to be with our FAMILY!

This my friend is TRULY GOOD NEWS!

So, God came to reveal to us the extent of our blindness and our inability to not “sin” according to the perfect standards he has (his perfect law). We had to know that the true (spiritual) law requires 100% forever perfection and he was the only one who could do it!  I am not talking about the law of Moses as that is but a “shadow” of the true law of the Spirit or God’s law.  His law demanded 100% forever perfection – it had to be done perfectly each time with no mistakes, EVER! One mistake and the whole thing is broken. Man can never do that.  You have to BE God to not sin as it’s an ALL or nothing deal.

Do you see that man is always either 100% ALL SIN or 100% NEVER SIN !?! 

My friend, there is NO middle ground.  Jesus came to tell us that because of what he did for us, man has NO sin.  That is the true and powerful meaning of these next verses:

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God 1 John 3:9

No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him 1 John 3:6

We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him.  1 John 5:8

When a person believes the above verses it shows that Jesus has already given them new birth inside them!  All sins are gone.  He took away ALL sin for all time!  Sure, man can still believe he originates sin, but that would be believing a lie.  It would be the ONE remaining sin of unbelief that will still condemn us.  Jesus told us about in John 16:8-9.

“And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment; concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me”  John 16:8-9 (and John 8:44-45)

I am telling you this powerful truth.  There is only ONE sin that God still says exists – not believing that Jesus took away ALL our “sins” The Bible just calls this “unbelief” and the opposite is “belief” or “faith”.  There are NO SINS as behaviors anymore.

Thus, according to God’s 100% absolutely perfect law, here are the ONLY two “states” a person can be in with no mixing:

1) You either believe this simple yet very profound truth that ALL sins for ALL TIME for EVERYONE are gone (ESPECIALLY yours!).


2) You are 100% sinful and everything you do is sin!

There is NO MIDDLE ground with God.  Light never mixes with darkness, good never mixes with evil.  It’s ALL or NOTHING.  Please choose the 100% sinless existence that God says.  If you are even able to choose this, an amazing thing has occurred.  God had granted you the faith to believe it and you are counted VERY fortunate!  Thank our wonderful father for what he has done and check out all the awesome promises you have coming in his love letter to you.

Now, if you are part of number 2, let me give you some GREAT news!  Your check has arrived, the war is over!  YOU ARE FREE and GOD SAYS it is TIME YOU KNOW YOU are REALLY part of NUMBER 1!  Time to know the truth and come OUT OF THE DARKNESS and live your real life found only in knowing this.

Remember, this is because God is the only one who does NOT “sin” according to the true and perfect law (whether you are a believer or not) and his son Jesus came and perfectly fulfilled the law for ALL mankind! True belief or simply receiving this powerful truth happens in our hearts or spirit-man and only God controls that. Man has NO access to his spirit as it’s in an entirely different realm from man’s actions and behaviors are.

This should give all of us GREAT peace whatever we believe about sin and God himself because we will soon see that whatever God says is true and he WILL enforce that.  He says man is completely free from sin.  The blood erased all sin.  There no longer exists any separation between us and God, ever!   He will see to it that we will know this from inside when HE decides it is our time. It truly is a father-son “inside job”. Check these powerful truths out:

And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son 1 John 5:11

who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time 1 Tim 2:6

The REAL truth is very simple, yet VERY powerful and requires you to do NOTHING but rest and trust God to care for you.  There NEVER exists a time when God is not with you no matter what your human mind may tell you.  This is only because our human body and BRAIN is still spiritually “dead” or in darkness.  It can’t (yet) receive or see God.  He will replace that with a brand new spiritual body and brain one day that will FULLY see and be able to experience him directly.  This gives me great peace.  I remind myself often that God is in full sovereign control of every infinite molecule and atom that exists and nothing occurs that is outside his will.  Everything he allows into your life both “good” and “bad” is intended for our good.  We can’t see it now, but we will one day.

So, I guess you will have to decide if sin is real or not.  Does it really matter if God shows you how FREE you are right this moment?  Do we really want to argue about how the check got in our mailbox or should we just CASH it and begin ENJOYING it !?!  I say let’s go have a party and thank him!

I hope God will reveal to us our true freedom that we have and can begin to enjoy right now.


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