Revelation 13 & 17 Beasts – Something to Ponder

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Ever wonder what the hideous Revelation “beasts” are?

I have been getting a picture in my mind of at least one thing they could represent.   If this is true, then I also believe this isn’t the only thing they represent. I have found that God will often tell one story yet it will actually represent many different ideas.   This will seem pretty radical, but don’t we have a radical God?

This will give you a couple things to “chew on” and think about.   To setup this idea, here are a couple things to think about:

Look at Lamech below.  Notice their are two of them then there are one before Noah?  Could they be the same “man” but from different views?  Could one be a fleshly man and the other be the same spirit man in one body?  Could this be showing us the below verse as they both come together in Noah (type of Christ)?

For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit  1 Cor 12:13

Now go look at what God gave Noah or “man” to eat after the flood.  Genesis 9:3 Then, go back to look at who was originally given that food to eat in Genesis 1:30.   Was it man?

Could God be really calling man something else?  Are we beginning to see why “we” must die first before we have true life, our REAL life?

Enjoy and God bless!


Revealation Beasts?

Is God’s plan much bigger than the natural mind can see?

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