The Root of ALL Addictions, Dependencies and Unwanted Behavior

Who is the Master?

Who is the Master?

Good morning my friends.

Before I get to my topic, I am going to first share something very deep.  It will greatly challenge even the deepest student of the Word.   If you are not a deep student of God’s word, skip down to where it says “my true post for today” where I talk to the human side of us.

This week, since last Saturday has been one of the most powerful times on record with my walk with God in terms of powerful revelations and the unveiling of my own mind. I can’t begin to describe what he is revealing. It gets so big and beyond words that I simply sit in astounded stupor. The bigger it gets, the more I realize I can’t make others understand. I am confident this is very good because only he can reveal it to them and not me. Even though I do at times, I don’t want to take any credit for what he does as I know this is when I fall into darkness.  “Pride comes before the fall!” as they say.

Just last night I was sitting at my computer just thinking “lightly” about time and our calender. “Why does it count down and then start again once Christ is born?” I was just pondering this question in my mind. The answer very quickly “appeared” inside me like a flash of powerful “lighting of LIFE” and I once again sat in a dazed stupor.

Could God be revealing in the physical birth of Christ 2000 years ago what will TRULY OCCUR at the end of this Age when the true spiritual man-child of Christ is “born” or revealed?

Could this sudden “reversal” of time be related to the “great reversal” Jesus talks about in the Word and OUR DAILY REALITY? Is he maybe going to destroy our current false reality of the shadow (law) realm or the false “mirror” reality we live in and start over with the truth? Will all things be reversed and “turned upside down“? I hope you see where I am going. The Lord is showing so many powerful things beyond words.

Then, right after this settled down, I read a few verses about Herod and how he killed all boys two years old and under when Christ was born. I was thinking about this and that verse sounds tragic but suddenly my mind went to Revelation 12 and the spiritual “woman” who was about to have a baby. If you recall, the dragon was wanting to devour her baby as soon as it was born. The baby was a “man-child” and he was “caught up to God’s throne” as he would “rule the nations with a rod of Iron”.

Some believe this “man-child” is Christ and some believe it is his bride or the Church. Well, my last post talked about “the woman (of Genesis 2-3) actually being ADAM” of Genesis 2-3. Now, if the Revelation 12 “woman” fled to the “wilderness”, what does this mean?

Well, my friends this is very powerful.

God has revealed to me that “wilderness” means NATURAL HUMAN BODY!  (I can share scriptures if anyone is interested) It is a place of bondage (the reason for this post) where we are under the law of sin and death , but it is also a place where God is still there taking care of us.

Guess what mystical name or “type/sign” God uses to identify spiritual bondage in scripture?


You can plug these revealed TRUE meanings (or “mystical names” as Revelation calls them) into the entire OLD testament and begin the see the powerful TRUE STORY of man’s redemption God has been sharing throughout the ENTIRE Old Testament!

When God tells us someone is in “Egypt” their spirit man* is still in darkness and death under the power of sin (Pharaoh). When God walks someone “out of Egypt” he is beginning the process of “moving them to the wilderness” and revealing to their soul the truth of their real freedom. This person in their experience will first come into the “wilderness” which is the human body.  Thus, they are free from ALL TRUE sin which is SPIRITUAL, but they will continue to struggle with it in their body (wilderness).

God’s goal is to walk them all the way through the wilderness and then put them under law.  This will will kill them figuratively in the body, but eventually will kill the body too.  If lucky, they will surrender while in the wilderness of the body, but many don’t.  Some need to escape the wilderness and have their natural body die before they know their true freedom.

A true believer of this age in a natural body is very fortunate because God walks them to a place through many trials and tribulations where they eventually “die” and GIVE UP COMPLETELY trying to fulfill the law.  Finally, the will accept true righteousness which is a 100% gift that can’t be earned at all!  They will powerfully realize they are NOT in sin (Egypt) anymore, nor do they themselves in their true spirit and soul even originate sin. It can be a long process of wandering in the “wilderness” of the body for “40 years”.  This is not a literal “40 years”.  It’s a metaphor meaning “the perfect amount of time for each person”.

This process is not fun and is full of trials, pain and sorry as God takes them deeper into pain and darkness when he reveals their hopelessness under the (external) law (of Moses and Commandments).  God has a glorious outcome though as he walks the person “through the fire” of natural life in a natural body of death.  Eventually, when their outer man fully surrenders and gives up, their true SPIRITUAL eyes are opened!

They come to realize for the FIRST TIME the MOST POWERFUL TRUTH!  They themselves (spirit man and TRUE being) are no longer in “Egypt” under the power of “Pharaoh” or sin anymore.  They are totally set free FROM ALL SIN!  God has walked them personally through the entire process out of “Egypt”, and under the law of the outer man (Moses) and into and through the “wilderness” of the body to spend “40 years” there  Once their “40 years are up” and they now know the TRUE purpose of the law, they get to CROSS the JORDAN (DEATH) with Joshua (JESUS!)

God has given them the external law (Moses and the commandments) as an immovable object until they finally surrender to the truth.  Now, they “cross the Jordan” are truly reborn into their REAL being and person who FULLY trusts Christ for 100% of their righteousness! Then, the lifelong battle of the Lord’s in order to “claim the land” across the Jordan starts.  This is when God allows a person to win some of the fights against the “Canaanites” or the ones who “own the land” of our bodies.  Check out God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15.  We don’t occupy the land (bodies) yet!  Not until the 4th generation.  Well, my friend.  I am confident we ARE starting the 4th generation.  Study the “Beasts” in Daniel 7.  He means the 4th Beast with the iron teeth.  This my friend is the millennial kingdom which seems to be quickly approaching.


I can’t begin to explain the feelings I have writing this. I only pray the Lord will bring some more folks to share with personally face to face.

Please search these things out and see what amazing things the Lord reveals to you.

Now, I deeply apologize for this because this is not even my intended post but I am just so excited. My actual post is not that deep. The above are advanced spiritual ideas and topics, but God will reveal this to anyone if they are willing and open. If he can reveal them to me, he can reveal them to ANYONE! Now, ask yourself where did the baby Jesus go to in order to escape King Herod? I pray this will click and you will have a powerful experience with the Lord my friend when he “connects the dots”.

Let’s get onto my TRUE post, shall we. This was written a week or so ago, but it was never posted online. It involves addictions, bandages, dependencies, etc. Basically, any behavior we can’t seem to change or get rid of.

We all have them.  For many of us they are just hidden much better.

(My true post for today written about a week ago)  🙂

I woke up this morning hearing one of those conversations again as if I were camping with a bunch of people and I woke up last and they were talking in the background.

What I heard was very amazing so I had to spring up and start writing it down. It involves the reason the Law was given.

To HIDE the true reality or simply to hide the TRUTH so that in this age, salvation could be received by faith only.

Remember, the Law is not of faith. Faith is trusting that what God says is true right now when you can’t see it! Faith is believing that you have what God says you have WHEN IT DOESN’T APPEAR YOU DO!

However, the Law is not of faith; on the contrary, “HE WHO PRACTICES THEM SHALL LIVE BY THEM.” Gal 3:12

Do we really understand “law” and “faith”? I am convinced that most people do not. Where this is really evident is when a person has an addiction, dependency or unwanted behavior.

Guess what?

We ALL have them! If we say we don’t, we are in denial. They are in all natural human bodies. Coming from a family line of alcoholism, I have a LOT of experience in this area unfortunately. I have my own “burdens of the body” to carry around with me. Mine manifest in the areas of food and overeating along with other areas.

Let’s look at some examples of what “Law based thinking” says Vs. what Faith or grace-based truth says.

Law says: “I have a problem with lying (or gossiping or deceiving, or etc. etc.) and I can’t seem to stop but I am going to keep trying.”

Faith says: “I don’t have a lying (or gossiping or deceiving, or etc. etc.) problem even though it appears I still do. The truth is that Christ has removed it and anything I still see is only in my natural body and outer man. God will fully remove it there if and when he wants to as only he can make appear the fulfillment of the law for me. When he decides to, he will unveil to me my TRUE self who NEVER lies (gossips, deceives, cheats, steals, etc. etc.). Right now, I am still blinded by the outer man and am still only seeing my outer false self of the body.”

Law says: “I struggle with drinking (or overeating, smoking, etc.) but I am going to try to stop (for the 100th time!). Yes! I am very proud of myself, I made it 20 days straight one time ‘on the wagon’. I can do it!”

(Btw, my friend. The Lord has revealed to me as soon as I hear the thought “I am proud of my accomplishment”, I am TOAST about to “FALL”! For ANY ground we gain across the Jordan the FULL credit MUST BE GIVEN TO THE LORD! WE DID NOTHING! HE DID IT ALL!)

Faith says: “Because Jesus is living in me and HE IS MY LIFE, I don’t have a drinking (or overeating, smoking, etc.) problem at all. I simply don’t yet see that, but he will make it appear when he wants it to. This may or may not appear while in this body because the body is under law and only he can over-ride that. I simply live each moment knowing this and fully trust him to do his will. I will continue to praise and thank him for whatever external manifestations I see and ask him to help me stop judging them as “good” or “bad”

It doesn’t matter what the behavior is that we insert here. I just inserted some that came to mind. The specific behavior is not what matters. It’s how we view it is what is so powerful. Let me show you how hideous and “subtle” this problem is.  This “subtle” problem is the very “subtle” serpent of Genesis 3:1 who lives in our natural bodies still.

We could even be addicted or dependent on our BIBLE reading or CHURCH ATTENDANCE or VOLUNTEERING for our righteousness! The behavior we are addicted to or dependent on can appear to be “bad” or “good”! It does not matter how righteous the action appears. Are we believing that we will receive ANYTHING from God by doing them? If we do, then we are under law. God has already given us ALL things in Christ thousands of years ago! Ephesians 3:1

Do you see the difference between Law and Faith? It is really how we view our own efforts. Law always produces obligation, guilt and condemnation. Faith says it is ALL done, I just wait for Christ to show me what to do. This is LIFE vs. DEATH in our daily lives where it counts!

(living by) Faith = LIFE = not trying to fulfill the law yourself (fix your behaviors yourself or “clean up your life”)

(living by) Faith = Knowing Christ IS your life and HE will do all these things! (Gal 2:20)

(living by) Law = Death = You trying to make your TRUE (perfect) self appear. Believing we are under Law is the ROOT of ALL addictions and any unwanted behavior we would like to see disappear.

God is now taking us personally to Mt. Sinai and giving us the external, written law at this point.  This is a weight and burden we can NOT hold.  It has a VERY GOOD PURPOSE.

The law in our bodies exposes any LUST (sin) of the outer man as he is extremely ENTICED to try to fulfill the law yet it’s IMPOSSIBLE! Only God can fulfill the law! That is why any strong physical or spiritual desire is insatiable. The sin (spiritual power of darkness of the serpent) that God has place into our bodies is the source of addictions and dependencies of the body. The very presence of the law in our bodies is what magnifies the power of sin and death in the natural body. It has a FULLY righteous purpose.  This exposes and magnifies the power of Death and condemnation in our bodies. This “living by the Law” is what gets us focused on ourselves in a very unhealthy way.

Faulty view of self + magnification of the law = Root of ALL addictions, dependencies and unwanted behaviors!

Realizing this, my friend is the beginning of the process of stopping all efforts to fulfill the law and realizing Christ has totally fulfilled it for us.  We must walk through this entire process. It can be very long, painful and ugly.  Such are the mysterious ways of God.

The key to “seeing” your true freedom is to come out from under ALL law-based thinking and living! We must begin to trust Christ inside us and STOP striving. If we can do something from a place of rest and trust, then DO IT! If however, we can’t, IGNORE it and trust he WILL remove it at HIS TIME. Don’t let any religious Pharisee’s judge you because they don’t struggle with that particular behavior. They are hiding or in denial over the things THEY struggle with.  That always manifests in outer condemnation towards others.  As the “12 steppers” say “hurt people, hurt people”.  This is by God’s law and he uses it to bring a person to the end of all attempts to try to fulfill the law.  That is when they cross over the Jordan and move from the Old Covenant to the glorious freedom of the New and TRUE Covenant. They no longer live under the false reality of the shadow!

Will God remove these unwanted behaviors that can be destructive to the outer man?

There are actually TWO answers to this question depending on whether you see it from God’s true view or man’s faulty view. God says he already has, but we humans in veiled or blinded bodies just don’t see it yet. See my article on the miracle of spiritual or TRUE circumcision as I attempt to explain this further.

God says that our true self, our inner spiritual man who is God’s seed, is completely sinless and can NOT sin. It’s only our false self or external man of the flesh and body that appears to sin. God has placed a powerful “firewall” between these two men and says the outer man is NOT you! The outer man is “flesh” and God says we are to recognize NO man according to the flesh or outer man.

And he died in the place of every person, that those who live would not live for themselves, but for The One who died for their persons and arose. Now therefore, we do not know a person by the body, and if we have known The Messiah in the body, from now on we do not even know him so 2 Corinthians 5:15-16 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

We are commanded by God to recognize NO ONE according to their human body or its behaviors – what Paul calls the “outer man” in 2 Corinthians 4:16 or “the flesh”. Watch what this really means! Look at the below powerful verses in the King James translation. (Other translations didn’t have the faith to translate what it really says!)

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God 1 John 3:9

Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him 1 John 3:6

My friend, please mediate on and think about these two verses.  They ARE THE TRUTH!   Anyone who is not free will be released fully when God reveals this to them. If you believe that you still sin, then you haven’t seen Jesus nor do you know him!

How many teachers in our Churches teach that we are “sinners saved by grace” or “sinners covered by his blood” or similar?

My friends.   This is not what God says.  If anyone believes they are still a sinner, they DO NOT KNOW CHRIST according to 1 John 3:6!

To be fair here, all of us are under the law of sin and death until our body dies.  This law is in our bodies, but God can set free our souls while we are in the “bodies of death”.

“I” am too under the law of sin and death in my body.  In truth “I” don’t exist as I am one with Christ and God and only HE exists.  He is ONE being with no division or separation.  But, if I believe that “I” will gain something from sharing these messages, then that originates out of law that is in our body.  Technically, our bodies are dead and NEED law to survive, but our souls are free from all sin!  Thus, I am sure that at some level the “I” that is in my body believes he will gain something by sharing these posts.  That is law, but in this current world we need to “gain something by effort” or the body will die.  Faith says “I ALREADY have ALL THINGS” because God gave them to me in Christ.  Do you see how the truth found on in Christ will eventually kill and destroy all flesh?  This is how “life swallows up death”!  It’s painful and amazing, but we emerge on the other side as our TRUE selves.

But, we struggle with two realities and two views of things.  The false one that keeps our bodies alive in this world is from our human perspective inside a veiled soul that is wrapped in darkness yet.  We will not “see” our full and true freedom or true reality first hand or “experientially” until the natural body dies. THAT IS FAITH my friend! That is what pleases God. Hebrews 11:6 Faith is believing what God says is true WHEN YOU DON’T YET SEE IT! When our natural bodies die (which is just our outer “shell”) is the time when ALL addictions, dependencies and problematic behaviors are FULLY RELEASED!

We will all SHED THE BODY OF DEATH that is UNDER LAW but also UNDER FAITH!  God’s true law that is spiritual will always kill and destroy ALL things that are not him!  The wages of sin is death and only things that aren’t him are sin.  This will eventually reveal something even more amazing than what I am sharing. I will leave that to you and the Lord.

I am praying for all that read this. I am asking the Lord to reveal to them TRUE FREEDOM that is based solely on the truth that Christ has ALREADY set us free from all bondage, sin and death. We will see this firsthand and experience it partially in while in the natural body, but fully when the natural body dies.

Isn’t God’s plan and ways so awesome and amazing!?!

God bless you today and your walk with the Lord. May the Lord reveal all these things (and more) to you.

If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.


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