Secrets of the Garden

Today, I find myself back in Genesis 2 and 3 reviewing the “garden scene”.  I see so many amazing things edenoccurring there that I hope will be “eye opening” to you.

These are things that I suspect you haven’t heard but I believe are very good.  I pray it will give you a WHOLE new inspiring view of what is often called “the fall of man” and a whole new outlook on mankind and even yourself.  I know it has dramatically changed my view of who I am.

Before we do this, let’s ask the following question.

What are the parts of a man?  What is a human made of?

This is some disagreement if man is two parts or three.  Many people agree (myself included) with the three parts of 1. Spirit (life source) 2. Soul (individual person) and 3. Body.  All three of these are mysteriously combined into one human body that we can see with our natural eyes and interact with.

So, we are all familiar with our body, the physical part of us.  The part that is born, grows older and eventually dies.  However, do you ever ponder about your other parts?

When was your soul or individual person or the individual “I” born or created?

Was it born or created when your natural body (as a baby) was born on the day of your natural birth?  Or could it have existed before this time?  What exactly is the “I” that is mysteriously hidden inside of us?  Psychology calls it the “ego” or “the self”.  I don’t know about you, but I am very curious who or what exactly is the “I” that is living inside “me”.  I have so many questions.

What does scripture say about it?

When does it first appear?

Did it initially have any covering or was it “naked”?

Well, here are some powerful and revealing secrets I found in the original words of scripture.

When does the individual “I” or the ego (individual soul) first appear?

The single stand-alone word of “I” which is the Hebrew word Hebrew_I does not appear until Genesis 3:10.

This is the first time any entity (whether God or man, etc.) speaks using this word.  Before this time, all things that existed were part of “the man”, “the woman” or “the beast” or “they”, etc.  No individual “I’s” existed (yet).

Is it possible that mankind did not YET exist as an individual “I” or separate entity in a body until Genesis 3?  That is what I am hearing and this is powerful to realize the implication of this.  Could our natural human body that makes us a separate individual “I” first be given to us in Genesis 3:21?  Check out the tense of this verse.  Is it past, present, or future or a combination thereof?

When were we clothed or given bodies?

When were we clothed or given bodies?

So, who was naked?  Was it “I”?

At the end of Genesis 2, the last verse reveals who truly was “naked”.  Interestingly enough, it is NOT the “I” (of Genesis 3) that we are told is naked, but it is actual 4 things that are naked.  First, the “they” who are also “naked-ones” and “two of them” who were “the human” “and-woman-of-him”.   These 4 entities or beings were “naked but not shaming themselves”.

Exactly who is naked here?

Exactly who is naked here?

Did you notice that there is no individual “I” present here?  So, if we are naked today then we have to be one of these 4.

If we believe that we are a 3 part man of Spirit, soul and body, are we missing a (4th) part that “covers” us?

Now, if you recall the story in Genesis 3, “the woman” is deceived into eating the fruit and she gives it to the “man of her”.  First, please notice that the word for “the woman” does NOT appear until Genesis 3:1.  Next, the “man of her” that she gave the fruit to DID not exist until Genesis 3:6.  It is the word “aish” which is NOT “the man” or “adam” that appeared in Genesis 1 and 2.  It is a version of this word (that first appears in Genesis 4).

AishI think it’s very important to understand what is truly going on here.  God is revealing a powerful and amazing thing that is occurring behind the veil in the hidden, secret spiritual realms.  Wait till you find out who (the) “aish” is!

So, who feared they were naked?

This is amazing to see.  As we discussed, the individual “I” or single human soul did not appear until Genesis 3.  After the fruit was eaten and  the Lord God returned to the garden, the ones who hid “themselves” were “the-human” “and-woman-of-him”, but watch who ends up being afraid.  The Lord God asks them why they are hiding and here is the response.

Exactly who is fearing?

Exactly who is fearing?

Did you see exactly who is fearing?  Is it the single, sole “I”.


It is the “and-I” who is fearing… the “I” is surrounded or wrapped in the “and”.  Could this be what God calls “the flesh” (the part that hides the other hidden characters including God himself in this play of mankind)?

So, what is God’s response?  Should “I” be afraid?

Go check out Genesis 3:11.  It’s powerful my friend.

Could the very single, sole “I” that exists inside of you and every human alive today be the same single “I” that first appeared in Genesis 3:10?

If so, who is this single, sole, “I”?

The truth is that we don’t need to fear God, but according to Genesis 2:25 a couple parts of us are “naked”.  Both our bodies (of natural and spiritual flesh) need “clothes”.

Are these clothes we buy at the store and wear on our natural bodies?

Yes and no but he provides both of them.

The TRUE clothes he is talking about here is our righteousness or “right-standing” in the view of God.  He tells us in Romans 5 and Acts 10 and 11 that HE has cleansed all of us already.  We just need to believe and accept it.  We become “un-clean” when we try to earn it or don’t believe he has cleansed us.

Never forget that HE is our righteousness. There is nothing we can ever do to earn anything from him.  If he says he has cleansed us and we are clean then we are clean.  Acts 10:15  If we disagree, we are not living in faith.

If we says we are righteous, then we are. 2 Cor 5:21 Remember, this is by faith and not by sight. Romans 3:22  This is true no matter what we see outwardly.  If we can see it now outwardly, then it is NOT of faith but is off the law and this nullifies his GRACE.  2 Cor 5:7  It is in this hope that we are saved.  Romans 8:24.

How can this be?

Glad you asked.

Right now we only see a reflection of our TRUE selves (and the entire new creation) which is hidden inside us.  1 Cor 13:12

Time to take off the grave clothes Lazarus and start receiving your righteous living clothes from our NEW Man within us.  Col 3:10, Eph 4:24