Starting from a place of Peace in the FINISHED WORK

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ and honest truth seekers everywhere.

Yesterday was a BIG day with a HUGE post of some revelations I am seeing.  One thing that I have to be reminded of is that this is what I believe God is revealing to ME from scripture.

When I write and share, I am usually 100% convinced in that moment it is very true.  That is the power of the Spirit working within us I believe.  It is more real than the location of my physical body when it occurs.

During that time, there is a powerful rush within of euphoria that is hard to describe.  The best way would be like drinking a large quantity of coffee and the caffeine hitting you at once.  Its a powerful surge of inner power and calmness with a sense of ultimate peace that ALL problems that exist have been totally resolved.  I feel as though I have won the lottery and just found out that you have as well.  I just need to somehow tell you and hopefully you will see you have.  That is what drives me so much. I am convinced we ALL have won the lottery, but we won’t know until the appointed time by the Father.

Friends, look at and ask the Lord to reveal the TRUE meaning of this ONE verse.

who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time  1 Timothy 2:6

Now, ask yourself.  “Do I really believe God’s Word at it’s face value exactly as it is written?”

If the answer is “yes”, then you have to believe that every human being that has ever and will ever live, WILL receive the testimony of Christ.

Friends, the “testimony” is the very gospel or the truth itself.  When a person is given this by GOD (and not man!) HE WILL BELIEVE and SEE (EXPERIENCE!) the salvation of the father in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please know that “being given the testimony BY GOD” is the moment you are reborn and SAVED FOREVER NEVER to LOSE IT!  The person who is given it BY GOD WITHIN YOU and not external man is INSTANTLY reborn as an ETERNAL spirit and live FOREVER with the LORD.  This is “being born from above” as Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3.

Lots of people are “externally saved” and do many external religious things, but are NOT truly saved inside.  Many of these are our very own TEACHERS and PASTORS who are the “blind leading the blind” as Jesus told us.  Jesus said “my sheep WILL know my voice”.

God promises us that ALL FLESH (natural people) WILL see the salvation of God who is Jesus Christ, but we MUST repent which means CHANGE OUR MINDS about what we have been taught about GOD in Churches thus far.  We must START OVER and confirm EVERYTHING yourself in the Word. If it’s NOT in the Word or the Word contradicts it, it’s not true.  Eventually, as you go deeper and deeper and get to the end of the law, you will begin to see Christ who alone is truth.  But, you will suffer trials, afflictions and persecution along the way.

But, let’s look at the PROMISE of GOD and again, START there.  Never forget the New Testament promises.  Accept them at FACE VALUE as they say and work backward from there filling in the details.  Here is one of my favorites.


Friends, it doesn’t get any more plain and simple than that.  God has always been putting these things RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF US yet we are blind by default and can’t see them.  We have been taught law all our lives and the law always puts a veil over our minds and hearts so we can’t see the truth.  See 2 Corinthians 3:15.  “Moses” is “the Law” and it’s not only the “Old Testament” but it is a mindset or “wineskin”.  It’s a paradigm or way of thinking about God, self and this world.

It is the way we are taught to think from the time of being a baby until even now.  This entire world is under law (darkness) including the external Church.  We must begin to see this as it’s the FIRST step to understanding we have “WON THE LOTTERY” already (will spend eternity WITH God and Jesus).

Here is the plain and simple truth.  If we are under law in our own minds, we can’t see truth as it exists NOW in the New Covenant of Christ.

How do you know (when) you are under law?

We feel compelled to do something in order to receive something.  Do you feel compelled to read your Bible or attend Church or volunteer, or “pray more” or whatever it is for you that (in your mind) makes God “accept you” a little more.

How many people do you know feel guilty if the don’t go to Church on Sunday?  Maybe you do?  I used to.

That is law.

“Guilt” = condemnation and in Christ there is NO condemnation.  Romans 8:1.  (Pay attention to the word “now” in Romans 8:1. It means RIGHT THIS PRESENT MOMENT!)

The law is embedded into our natural consciousness or soul.  It is the FRUIT of the Tree of Knowledge of GOOD and Evil.  By default we are ALL under law.  It’s like a carrot on a stick that is in front of us that compels us to run after it as we are hungry.  We can NEVER reach it though!  It’s impossible as the Law requires 100% perfection 100% of the time FOREVER!

Thus, the law ALWAYS kills “us” (the NATURAL man) via condemnation and it’s fruit of guilt and shame. But, it has a GREAT and HONORABLE purpose.

It completely wears us out in our own self efforts, striving and trying until we finally stop and sit down in the “dust” and say to God “I GIVE UP!”.

YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS YOU!   You are ready for the truth.  His “tutor” has done it’s job.  Ponder this powerful verse that I pray the Lord will reveal to ALL who read this.

Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith Galatians 3:24

Friend, please take some time thinking about this verse in a quiet space where nothing will distract you.  This is the GREAT divide that brings you over the Jordan (death under law) and into the promised land.  You can have this NOW if you want it even while in the dead, natural body.

“The Law has become our tutor”.

Now, do you see the purpose of all that STRIVING and STRAINING and SELF EFFORT to try to “get to some place” or “obtain something” that you can not?  These are WHATEVER you do in order to make yourself acceptable to God RIGHT NOW!  It doesn’t matter how righteous or good it appears or doesn’t appear.  My firm belief is that there are MORE people striving under law in Churches than outside them right now.


Because the Church teaches them to be under the law and to try to fulfill it’s requirements.

It’s impossible!  Do you see that?

That is why God gave us the law.

To totally WEAR US OUT.  To point out our current shortcomings, sins, addictions, flaws, etc. that WE see in our human body and natural life.  We ONLY see these if we are UNDER law.  If we are under grace (over the Jordan in the promised land) we begin to STOP seeing these and start to see Jesus inside us.  That is what the father sees and he wants you to see that as well.

The REAL you is in the person of Christ.  It is NOT the person you see now.  The person you see now is only a mere IMAGE or dark shadow/reflection of who you REALLY are.

Nearly all the entire current “Church” or common Christian teachings don’t see this, but some are starting to.  Praise the Father for raising up his body right now!  People like Steve McVey, Paul White and Joseph Prince just to name a few.  However, even they become limited at some point as all human teachers do including myself.  Everyone while in a human body has a point where they are still under law.  If they are under NO law, their BODY HAS FULLY DIED!  We can only go deep enough into grace (true freedom in Christ) to the extent that has been revealed to them via the “death” of ever deepening trials and afflictions of this life.  More trials and afflictions, more darkness resulting in more grace and freedom. God’s ways are powerfully opposite of ours.

The natural mind thinks that if a person who is a teacher of God’s Word appears to have it ALL TOGETHER then they must know the truth who is Christ.  My friend, that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth!  A person who “has it all together” but has not SERIOUSLY CRASHED at some point in their life, will always PUT YOU UNDER LAW and create a following instead of pointing you constantly to Jesus.  You only get to know Christ and the Father by BEING IN DEEP DARKNESS! It’s when you come out of the “night” that the morning occurs and then the SUN APPEARS!   That is the only way it can work while being in the body of the “shadow”.  God can only reveal himself in the DARKNESS!

So, I pray that this is making sense with you.   Know that in ALL the harsh circumstances in your life and the painful trials that IS THE FATHER WANTING TO REVEAL JESUS and HIMSELF TO YOU!  Just sit still and wait for Jesus to appear from within.   Don’t run from the pain and darkness.  Sit quietly in God’s Word and keep seeking him in there.  When the darkness attacks me, I GO DEEP into his Word and can sometimes “hide” there for many hours and even days.  He has been so faithful to me and ALWAYS takes me deeper when the darkness passes.

This is the father revealing himself in the face of Jesus.  It only happens in the darkness and just after.  He has to do this because he WANTS to reveal you the truth of GRACE.

Remember, we are all on a separate and individual journey with Jesus.  It’s a personal walk.  I know that I often share the part that I am at and it’s very exciting, but don’t let that scare you or get you down.  Just ask the Lord to continue the work in you and reveal what areas you are “striving to become” or where you “don’t accept yourself” right now.  Ask him to remove the law in those areas so you can experience the TRUE freedom you already have.  Just know what that means and how he does that.

Be prepared for trials and afflictions (or don’t prepare and don’t look as that is how I am personally).  Know that God is removing law from your being so you can see more of him.

Friend, here is the secret that the entire Bible reveals and Christ has confirmed to me in my own heart.

We are all already at the end in our true spirit man.   We are all already WITH the father.  However, we have been placed in our current consciousness (spirit & soul) and body inside of an “image” or reflection of that true location.  This makes us 100% think and believe we are not.  This entire world and natural body is only an IMAGE or realm of the shadow of the truth.  We see it all around us in this body and this world.  Death and pain everywhere.  It’s completely believable.  One only need to ask the Lord to reveal the true purpose of what we call “death”.

“Death” is what God calls the (spiritual) womb.  It really causes us to be born into our true selves.

God need only remove us from the “shadow version” of us in our body and soul.  Then, we will see the truth.

So, let us NEVER forget this truth of the Law and it’s purpose.  We must “begin with the end in mind”.  We must begin with our true knowledge of Christ as revealed in the New Testament. The work IS FINISHED and we ARE There now.  We are merely waiting for “the end spot” to appear in space and time.  We get a “free pass” to those chosen once we leave the natural body.  They will be IMMEDIATELY there in both truth AND experience.  For now it’s just truth and occasionally “experience” as the Spirit works inside us.

I pray the father would allow you to experience a taste of the finished work now.  It is an amazing rush and you will want to TELL ALL PEOPLE what you heard and saw.

God bless you my friend.  If I can help you in your journey in any way, feel free to contact me.


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