The Last “Adam” and the Serpent REVEALED in Genesis

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Lord continues to slay me in the Spirit.    He has busted one of the seals in Revelation and I am seeing things everyday that are deeper and more powerful than ever.  He continues to build upon the revelations I gave small hints of in the last couple of writings but didn’t feel I was released to share openly yet.  Let’s go deeper.

He even has me sharing parts of them with Christians I know from the Church I used to attend.  I am sure they sound like someone who is smoking something.  They would to me I bet if someone told me those things.  God says in a verse “you wouldn’t believe it IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU” (of the awesome things he is doing) and is revealing even now.  I pray that the father would take away our stony (law-based) external heart and take the plank of wood out of our (spiritual) “eye” so the light of truth can shine into our natural man.

I believe last time I shared the most powerful thing that the Gospels may be written from the view of man only in the different realm of man’s makeup (spirit, soul and body).  For example, John is the highest level that God reveals in the Bible.  This is why he also was given the “Revelation” of Christ at the end of the Bible.  He had to tell the story from the highest level revealed to man.

Next is Mark who is the equivalent of our master spirit man.  This is the Genesis 1:27 “male” part of mankind that was created.  He is very powerful and rules all below him including the “fish of the sea” (natural man’s soul), the “birds of the sky” (man’s upper soul who is called “Adam”), and “every living thing that moves on the earth” (all things that have a physical body).  Side note: notice the “Serpent” who was a “cattle” and a “Beast of the field” was not “formed from the dust of the ground” in Genesis 2.  There is a powerful reason for that.

He would be “wrapped up inside the body or “garments of skin” and lower mind of man called “Eve”.  I am going to include an updated illustration for you to look at and look into these things.

Why would God (highest name of the Father) do this?

Why would he purposely wrap up the being we know of as the Serpent into our body and mind?

Well, if you have been reading what he has been revealing, you will hopefully begin to see God’s TRUE plan.

We have to DIE TO LIVE in his plan.   Death comes first.  But, death isn’t the end of us.

It’s only the beginning.

My belief is that the serpent is the same being as the “Great Sea Monster” created before all other animals in Genesis 1:21.  Study the original Hebrew word.  I am sure this is the FATHER himself!  He appears as “evil” to us but that is the way true “good” appears to us who are inside of darkness.  However, lets look at a couple things of Genesis 3 after forgetting all the things religion has taught us.

Let’s look solely at what the Word reveals and think about it with our God-given minds.  Ponder it deeply until it becomes clear and life springs forth.

Before we do that, let’s look at the revealed names of God in Genesis.

What name is given to “God” in Genesis 1?  (This is the name that created the true Heavens and Earth in the “beginning” whenever that was.)

“God”.   That’s right, the highest level of name for our creator (father) is “God” as of Genesis 1.  We have to assume this is the father and the Son working together doing the original creation work.

Look at this verse:

We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you Colossians 1:3

“God” is the father of our Lord who is named here “Jesus Christ”.  “God” is a higher level and “father” of Jesus Christ.

Now, let’s look at some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL verses in the entire Bible IMHO.

For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16 For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. 17 He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. 18 He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything. 19 For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, 20 and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven  Colossians 1:13-20

Who is the “he” that these verses are referring to?  Don’t you find it interesting that it doesn’t say “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” but instead says “him”?

I do.

And I believe that we are going to have our minds blown one day when we find out why.

But, back to reality and what I was trying to say after I got sidetracked by the Spirit multiple times.

All things were made “by him” and “through him” and “for him”.  Who is the “him”?

The Father AND the Son.  They both are the “him” working together.  This is why the word in Genesis 1:1 is actually plural meaning “Gods”. It’s two yet one.

We can’t understand this, but think of a father and a son acting together as a family.  Only, with God and his Son, there is NEVER any separation.  They are always one.  Separation only appears under law and in darkness.  Things always divide when they are placed under law and inside of darkness.  Once the darkness is removed (via death) the hidden unity is revealed.

Thus, I actually believe the ORIGINAL creation done by the father and Jesus is INBETWEEN Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  We are now living in a RE-CREATION that is in darkness and can’t see the truth.  The original creation is purely spiritual with no darkness.  Our current creation is in darkness and under law and must die to see and know the truth.  Once we see this, we can understand why we have so much pain and suffering in this life.

Without it, we can’t see God or know the truth.

The most-high God is such pure light that we can not see him.  So, he must wrap us in darkness so we can at least see his reflection or “image”.

Who is his perfect image?

Jesus is.  Look at Colossians 1:15 above and Hebrews 1:3 below:

And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high Hebrews 1:3

We have to die to see the Son who is the perfect image of the father who can’t be seen at all directly unless one becomes like him.

So, let’s go way back a few points as my heart got very side-tracked into AWESOME territory by the Spirit.

Let’s look at Genesis 1.  Who is doing this work?  This is the God who does the initial “birthing” of THE HEAVENS and THE Earth  in Genesis 1:1 (The rest were “formed” or “reformed”).  This Genesis 1 birthing and creation is the MOST-HIGH level of our current Creation. It’s very important to understand this is a very high level SPIRITUAL CREATION.

Who is the most-high God revealed to us who birthed and created the high level spiritual creation of “The Earth and The Heavens”?  What is the highest name revealed in Genesis 1 of the most-high God?

Simply “God”.  (Technically, we could say “Gods” but we will just say “God” to keep unity as there is no separation in God at all.)

It’s a father-son working as one called “God”.

Thus, this is the name revealed to us as the most-high God.

“God”.  Sounds simple, yet it is very profound.  We overlook it because we have been staring at it too long.  (Try describing your wrist-watch if you wear one without looking at it!)

Now, go to Genesis 2 and watch what happens when the “forming” starts to occur.  “Forming” is when the spiritual creation begins to get a soul and a body.  Unless it has these, it can’t interact with that lower realm in a physical manner.  What happens to God’s name as we move to Genesis 2?

It changes to “Lord God”.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I can tell you we are moving down a level or realm into more darkness.  The most-high “God” can’t even be named.  As soon as we name him, we have missed him.  He is beyond naming and any definition.  Any definition or “container” will immediately “miss the mark”.  What else is “missing the mark?”.  Sin!  In the truest and most-strict essence of the law, we are sinning when we give God a name, but we have to in order to begin to understand how awesome he is.  I am sorry I keep getting side-tracked and running down rabbit-trails.  I hope you are able to hang on.

So, in Genesis 2, we move to a lower realm which is a “formed” realm called dry land or “Earth” and sea (waters) called The Heavens.   God’s name is “Lord God” here.  Someone else is acting on the most-high God’s behalf and “in his name” and authority in a lower realm.

Any “formed” creatures or beings of this level will NOT be able to see anything from Genesis 1 unless “God” from Genesis 1 wants it to occur.  All these formed beings will know the “Lord God” but WILL NOT KNOW THE higher God called “God” in Genesis 1.  They are in darkness and can’t see beyond it.  Thus, the “Lord God” is their boss and “God”.  They will call “God” by the name of “Lord God”.  Clear as mud?  Please take some time pondering this until it begins to make sense because the next point will not be understood until the previous one is understood.

So, what about the Serpent?  (Bet you didn’t think we would get back there, did you?  I was getting concerned myself!)

First, who is he and when was he created?

Great question!

One I have been asking the Lord for years now and I believe he has FINALLY been revealing.

It is very shocking however.

It will greatly disturb your “religious bone” as it goes against ALL religious teachings we have been taught about “good” and “evil”.  Only real truth-seekers will be able to handle this as it’s disturbing. I am sharing this for the first time publically.

But not yet.  At least not out-right.  If the father wants you to know, he will create in you a curious heart and you will seek the answer and find it.  He won’t hold back truth.  Just be careful what you ask for, you WILL get it.  The truth WILL set you free, but first comes the process of death to get you there.  It’s a death of self and all self-will and desire.  It’s painful when he YANKS the plans out of your hands that you have for “your” life.

But, you asked for the truth, didn’t you?

I did, and I know.  Get ready for the fire of affliction if you are a real truth seeker.  Suddenly, your children will be having problems.  You will have problems in your marriage.  Your job will be in jeopardy.  Whatever you have been clinging to for “life” in-between you and “God”.  If you want real truth, they all have to go.  He will be glad to take them, but he will YANK them out of your hand if you won’t let go.  He loves you too much to allow anything to stand in-between you and him.

Let’s play “devil’s advocate” (no pun intended).  Does he NOT want you to have these things?


He doesn’t want them TO HAVE YOU!  They have come between us and him.  They must be fully surrendered and given into his hands.  This is very scary.  This is why Jesus told his disciples to “fear not” so many times. True faith is surrendering all the things we cling to.  It’s like a free-fall over a cliff trusting we won’t die.

This is death.

But, it is also the beginning of LIFE!

True life.  Eternal and REAL life.  Not the FAKE life of this world of illusion, shadow and hypocrisy!  The life found ONLY in the Son.  The father’s life.

Thus, before you ask for the TRUTH to be revealed to, be sure to count the cost.  Don’t start the tower and find you are out of materials as Jesus told us. It’s ALL or nothing.

So, when was the “Serpent” created or formed?  Genesis 3:14 tells us who/what he is.

The Lord God said to the serpent,

“Because you have done this,
Cursed are you more than all cattle,
And more than every beast of the field;
On your belly you will go,
And dust you will eat
All the days of your life Genesis 3:14

There is a lot of “meat” here.  First, notice who is speaking.  It’s the “Lord God” and not “God”.  In the realm of the “Lord God” the serpent is a “cattle” but he is ALSO a “beast of the field”.


In the realm of Genesis 2 (which I call the “soul realm” after verse 3) the Serpent is two entities.  Now, remember, these are spiritual words.  They don’t necessarily mean ANYTHING in our physical realm.  But, I have learned something powerful.  God gives us a physical realm item that is an IMAGE of the true Spiritual realm thing.  For example, the “sun” that keeps all natural things alive including our bodies is an image or “type” or “sign” of the true “Son” who keeps all spiritual things and all creation alive.  Everything we see with our natural “eyes” has a TRUE spiritual item that it represents.  This is one of the most powerful revelations we can have. We will experience ongoing daily powerful revelations once we understand this.

So, the “serpent” wasn’t a snake as we know it to be.  However, “he” was sent to “crawl on his belly” like we know a snake does.  What this means was that he had a higher position in the higher realm of Genesis 1 (he was actually created there first) but he LOST it and was sent to a lower realm “on his belly”.  This was done by the “Lord God” who is the ruler of the Genesis 2 soul realm.

He was also a “beast of the field” and a “cattle”.  These are spiritual type beings of the soul realm which is a lower realm than the spirit realm, but a higher realm of the body.  It would be what we would call the “2nd heaven” or “the sky”.  We are revealed in Matthew 13 that “the field” is the World in the parable of the sower.  So, we can say he is a “beast of the World” which is “Babylon”.

What type of body or manifestation did he have?  Was he created or formed?

Yes and no.

For “yes”, he was created in Genesis 1.  He was called something totally different in that realm.

Here is where it get’s interesting for the “no” answer.

Look at Genesis 2 and see what types of things were actually “formed” or wrapped in the lower realm, darker building material of the Genesis 2 soul realm.

Man was created in Genesis 1:27 as both male and female.  (This is a whole “book” in itself!)  Then, he was “formed” in the lower soul realm in Genesis 2:7.  He (She too?  Not according to Genesis 2:18!) was wrapped in darkness and instead of knowing “God” of Genesis 1, he knew “Lord God” of Genesis 2 as his God. What else was “formed” in Genesis 2?  Let’s see:

Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called a living creature, that was its name Genesis 2:19

So, here are the created SPIRITUAL (higher realm) things from Genesis 1 that were also “formed” in the lower realm of Genesis 2.

“Beasts of the field” and “birds of the sky” plus “man”!  Don’t you find that amazing!?!

These are the only THREE things that are “formed”.  Man himself was formed of the “dust” of the ground whereas the “beast of the field” and the “birds of the sky were formed “out of the GROUND” itself!  This is huge.

These are two different building materials, but are off topic.  If you think about this, you will see there are only 3 things formed.  Man is formed of “dust” and the other two are formed of the “ground” itself.  These are NOT physical things like the dirt of the “ground” that we walk on or our houses are built upon.   This is in the hidden realm of the Spirit.

Here is a powerful thing that hopefully will enter your mind.

What about “ADAM”?

What do I mean?  I mean the NAME or the being, entity CALLED or NAMED “ADAM”.  He has a specific name.  He is NOT THE PERSON who was “formed” here in Genesis 2:7!

My friend, here is the key to the truth.  I pray you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is very important for God to reveal to us that “the man” is DIFFERENT than “ADAM”! 

“The man” is a generic being with now specific individuality.  “Adam” is ALREADY named.  “the man” is a DIFFERENT HEBREW word from “ADAM” the name.  “The man” is Strong’s number 120 where as “Adam” is Strong’s 121.   (Some sites such as missed this and have recently changed the word for “Adam” to Strong’s 120 and this is INCORRECT! is still correct.)  God can’t lie so when he means “the man” (Strong’s 120) he actually says “the man” and when he means “ADAM” (Strong’s 121) he actually says “ADAM”.  We think they are the SAME, but they are NOT!

They are separate beings and creations!

One is a created definition and the actual original Hebrew word of “Adam” (Strong’s 120) and one is an ACTUAL NAME “Adam” (Strong’s 121)  But they are NOT the same things like we have thought.

They are the very wheat (“ADAM”) and the tares (the man) that Jesus told us about in Matthew 13. Go check it out, I pray you see the truth my friend.

“Adam” (Strong’s 121) who is NAMED has a very specific purpose and set of power and authority given directly by the MOST HIGH GOD himself.  One has to understand the process of “naming” and “giving a name” in the Bible. The person who gives the name is the father of that being or created thing or person.

So, who gave “Adam” (Strong’s 121) his name?  Let’s go to Genesis 2:20 and see.  This is just after the “beasts of the field” and the “birds of the air” were formed in the lower (darker) realm of the soul.

The man gave names to all the cattle, and to the birds of the sky, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him Genesis 2:20

Please look at this verse and ponder what it is saying based on all we know so far.  “The man” (Strong’s 120) gave “names” to all the “cattle”, the “birds of the sky”, and to every “beast of the field”.  What do we know about the person who “names” something?   He is their parent or father.  Only the father can name them.

Now, after he gives them names, do you see what happens?

This is MOST POWERFUL and MIND BLOWING.  This actually is very scandalous and will tear open and crush most religious beliefs about “Adam”.

Who named “Adam”?

Ready for this?…


He already HAD A NAME!

Go back and read the verse again.  Here is what is happening.

“The man” (Strong’s 120) is working together with the “Lord God”.  The Lord God actually forms from the ground every “beast of the field” and “bird of the sky” (Genesis 2:19).  So, they have soul-realm bodies or essentially “soul”.  They are also high level spiritual beings from Genesis 1, but now they have souls too.  The, the “Lord God” bring them to “the man” (Strong’s 120) and HE names them.  He is becoming their father. This gives them specific, individual identities in the realm of the soul in Genesis 2.  He spends time looking at each of them and gives them a name.  This “name” makes them unique in this realm.

Now, look at what happens when he gets to the one remaining thing he has to name… “Adam”.


He came with his OWN NAME!  He was ALREADY named!  Do you know who named him? I pray you hear the Spirit whispering inside you the answer.

Could the TRUE “ADAM” (Strong’s 121) be CHRIST himself who was NAMED by the TRUE “GOD” of Genesis 1?  Could “Adam” have showed up at the end of the line to receive a “name” by “the man” and when it was his turn they looked at him and SAW HE WAS NAMED ALREADY?



He was HIDDEN in the NAMED ADAM (Strong’s 121).  He is the “wheat” and “The man” (Strong’s 120) is the TARES!  He is our TRUE man who was NAMED BY THE FATHER HIMSELF and not by the “Lord God” who is the “God of this World”.  (Please don’t get all bent out of shape on that statement.  All are under the father’s complete power and do everything HE says!)  The “Lord God” is really the father himself wrapped in darkness and disguised.  We know him now as he is revealed DIRECTLY in CHRIST so we have NOTHING to fear.  Only those who are under law and are still “tares” will fear him.  They will be tossed into the “fire of truth” and “fire of affliction” until they TOO see the truth.  This is the mystery that God hid for so long.  It is finally being revealed.

My friends, we have to be at the end of this age and the Father has to be USHERING in a POWERFUL new age of unveiled TRUTH and TRUE reality.  I am so humbled and so amazed that he chose us to show these things to.  I don’t know what this means, but I have been sitting on this particular revelation for about 4-6 months now.  I believe he wants it to finally go public.

So, if you follow the entire creation account, you can see what really happened.

God wrapped up the TRUE creation of “ADAM” (Strong’s 121) who is his SON inside the same body of “flesh” (darkness) with multiple beings.  All of which are technically different.  Pay close attention to all the names.  We already know that “Adam” is different than “the man”.  We have to look at the original words to see this. is very good for this.  Bible hub is good too, but they have been changing “Adam”, Strong’s 121 to Strong’s 120 and blurring the lines of separation.  “Eve” is DIFFERENT than “the woman”.  “Him” is not necessarily the same as “JESUS”. Pay very close attention or you will not see what is REALLY happening.  The Lord will show you if you are open to the truth.  The rest will continue in darkness and religion until God opens their eyes.

Friends, I have studied the first three Chapters of Genesis for hundreds of hours and asked the Lord about them while journaling what I heard back.  He has NOT let me down and has gone WAY past my wildest expectations.  What I have shared so far is NOTHING compared to what is coming.  It’s powerfully GOOD, but there is pain to go through to see these things.  There is much persecution from those under law who cling to religion and the establishment.  There is MUCH at stake for them and for us too.  The entire system of wealth and money-flow will at some point be destroyed according to the fathers will.  It will just be us and Christ.  He is our entire sustenance.   He alone is truth as he is the perfect image of the father.

The only way I could begin to see many of these things was to be able to visualize them in my mind.  There is a mystery about this.  God tells us the story from “the Law” in the entire Old Testament. It is very precise and detailed with every part broken down as far as he wills for us to see.  Then, an amazing thing occurs in the New Testament.

He tells us from the END or the “finished work” backwards.  This is why he starts with the cross from 4 views.  My friend, this is shocking, but the cross is the TRUE end of the “old” creation.  By “old creation” I mean the one REVEALED in Genesis as “the man” (Strong’s 120).  But, it is also the beginning of the new creation or the one HIDDEN in Genesis in “Adam” (Strong’s 121).  Most will go “I know that”, but they don’t really see the deeper truth here.  I feel I have been given this mission and I just uncovered it in the past year.  This is very scandalous again and I will try to leave that sit for now.  We’ve had too much “meat” and need to allow things to digest a bit.

So, let’s just say there are two creations.  One is called “the wheat” and is the TRUE creation and is hidden (in “Adam” – Strong’s 121) in the Old Testament and Genesis.  This is a spiritual creation named by the Father himself and is under grace.  It is revealed in Christ in the new Testament.  Paul tells us that Christ is the “last Adam”, but Jesus tells us he is BOTH the first and the last in Revelation.  Interesting.

The second creation is called the “Tares”.  It was revealed in Genesis and the old Testament.  It is under law and it will die as all things under law do (who are not God himself).  “The man” is the tare and “Adam” is the wheat.  Here is the crazy thing.

“Adam” is hidden inside the body of “the man” or the “tare”.

We know this because we are all in the body of a tare.  Our natural body will die and be burned up in the “fire” and our true being who is “the wheat” will be revealed to us and others.  This is already happening to those of us who are starting to see these things.  God had placed us in “the fires” of this life until we surrender to him.  We can’t yet see with our natural eyes the “wheat” or the new creation.  Only by faith (who is Jesus inside us connecting us to the father) can we see these things of the new creation.

So, God is telling us TWO stories of TWO creations.  One under law of the Old Testament revealed and one under grace of the New Testament concealed with NO mixture whatsoever.  The ENTIRE old creation will fully pass away eventually and only the NEW will remain.  This is powerful.  The Old creation IS under a DEATH (law) sentence.  The new (grace) can’t be revealed until the old dies.

Well my friend, I felt so much POWER from within while I was writing this.  I praise our wonderful FATHER for allowing me to share this today.  I hope and pray he opens our eyes to these things.  I pray he will allow me to share these things in person soon.  I am going stir crazy not being able to talk much about these things face to face.  The ones I do share a bit, RUN AWAY SCARED.  The truth is VERY SCARY to our fleshly outer man of the “tare”.  I went through many terrors and some scary dreams myself when I started seeing these things.  I think this was all part of my death process so I could see truth and have life.

I just realized that I never did share who the serpent is.  Sorry, that happens with me.

Please notice that the Serpent is actually NOT a name, but a “title” or a type.  He doesn’t get a name until later when he is called “The Devil” or “Satan” (See Revelation where all these are tied together).  Also, remember, he is both a “beast of the field” and a “cattle” in Genesis 3:14, but ONLY THE BEAST of the field was “formed” in Genesis 2.  The “cattle” is still a higher level spiritual being from Genesis 1.

Could this be why he DOES NOT CALL God “LORD GOD” in Genesis 3 when talking to “the woman” but instead calls him “GOD”?


HE KNOWS a higher truth than any other being in Genesis 2 and 3 except “THE WOMAN!” (not to be confused with “Eve” who is named).  Both of them know the highest level creator “God” from Genesis 1 as it is revealed in the name the use for “God”.

Is it possible that the Serpent was actually telling the truth?  Did “the man” actually become “Like God” knowing good and evil”?  See Genesis 3:22.

Is it possible that the Serpent knew the TRUE definition of “death” instead of the shadow realm definition?

Here’s a stretch that is shocking even to think at first.  But, when you sit quietly and think about all these things, the truth WILL appear to you.

Could the Serpent be the VERY “Great Sea monster” of Genesis 1:21 who is the father himself wrapped in darkness carrying out his will of death first (under law) so we can see true life in Christ after being reborn?  This sounds absurd if you are under law because we are taught that God is “good” and the serpent is “evil”.  That’s what law does. It creates blindness and division.  It divided the single “Tree” into two trees below.

Law-based thinking will not allow us to see the truth of unity that God is one and God is ALL and IN All.  It will not allow us to see that we have first DIE to live.

We will not be able to believe these verses:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit John 12:24

How foolish! What you sow does not come to life unless it dies 1 Corinthians 15:36

My friends.  This is what happened to all of us.  We “fell into the realm called “The Earth’ and died.  Our outer man is still dying, but our inner man is with Christ right now, seated with him in the Heavenlies.  Once we fully “die”, then we shall truly LIVE!

That is what I have concluded my friend.  We have to DIE first and THEN we will live forever with Christ and the Father.  This is the only way up.

Please ponder these powerful things and see the latest illustration I have made of this.  It helps me to have a visual.  This helps bring together the “double vision” we get from trying to understand the Old FROM the view of the new.

My our loving father open our eyes soon.  God bless you.

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Last Adam revealed in Genesis

How God hid the new creation of last or TRUE “Adam” in Genesis.

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