Understanding Genesis – Three Realms of “Mankind” & The body of the BEAST!

Good evening friends,

The Lord has been pouring SO MUCH into my mind over the weekend that I had to take a little break.

Tonight, I find myself peeking at Revelation 17 again and making a drawing of the “Wheat and the tares”.  I now know they grow together in one body but that body exists in 3 separate realms – spirit (heaven) soul (Earth spiritual) and body (Earth physical/natural).  At the end of the age, God will destroy the tares in the fire.  Matthew 13:24-30  Don’t worry. The “tares” are the fleshly part of us or the outer man.  I was going to share on that idea, but the Lord seems to want me to lay some foundation first.

Before I do that,  I want to say that I am going to share some very powerful and deep ideas to you that I have developed after hundreds of hours of intense scriptural study alone with the Lord. I have arrived at these ideas myself and they are my own conclusions from what I believe I hear him saying to me.  I believe them to be true based solely upon God’s Word and his inner voice.  No one has taught me these things. I pray you would dig into the ideas yourself by checking all of it against his Word and spirit inside you. I am growing and learning more each day and as he reveals more, I immediately update what I understand as truth.  So, some details can change as this occurs, so please don’t trust my DETAILS!   I am updating details constantly in my notes. I  am terrible with details!  Please ask yourself “can this be true?” and DIG INTO HIS WORD!  If you are revealed something more, please share. I believe we are to take in all the “food” and let the stomach (Christ) separate the life from the waste.  Enough said on that.  Let’s get onto our topic.

Have you ever wondered who the “woman” is in Genesis 3:15?

Well, we know the woman that was “Adam’s” wife was “Eve” in Genesis 3:20, but that hasn’t come yet!  Nor is that who I am talking about.  I am talking about the TRUE spiritual “woman” from Genesis 3:15 that God is talking about.  “Eve” is a soul-realm woman and God always speaks from a spiritual (true) perspective.

Ok, this is where it may get a little strange and it helps to review Genesis 1:27 and 5:1-2.  Please pay close attention to the parts I have put in red and think about what God is saying here.

This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day when God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Man in the day when they were created  Genesis 5:1-2

God created “THEM” as male AND female and named “THEM” man.  This is one spiritual being that is split into two parts.  One is “male” and powerful and one is “female” and weaker, subordinate.  This is NOT a human like we think.  It’s purely a spiritual being without a body.  This is very important in a moment when we try to answer our question “Who is the woman?” in Genesis 3:15.

So, who is the “woman” in Genesis 3:15?

Strangely enough, it’s not EVE that God is referring to!  The MAN we know as “Adam” was actually “the woman“!


That’s right!

We have to understand that God is speaking from a spiritual perspective from Heaven and truth.  Spiritually speaking, Adam was the woman but in the soul realm he was the man and Eve was the woman.  However, God always speaks to the spiritual or TRUE perspective.  When he says “the woman” he really means “Adam” who was “formed” in Genesis 2 and 3.  Wait, it gets even more strange because “Adam” is not who we think he is either!

I will cover that in a bit, but first let’s look at how “Adam” can be the “woman”.  How can that be?

Let me unpack this a bit.

Let’s start here.  You will have to study this and arrive at this conclusion yourself.

Genesis 1 is all a high level spiritual creation and view.  Genesis 2 is the “forming” of things which is the soul realm or the next lower realm of darkness.  Genesis 3 is the lower realm of the natural where the soul meets the body.  These are realms outside of space and time, so the events are not necessarily in any order.  Study the Garden(S) carefully.  Notice there is a man who was “formed” who was put into a garden “eastward” of Eden.  Then, there is “the man” who was put into the “Garden OF Eden”.  Same garden in TWO DIFFERENT realms and two separate “man” really.  One is in Heaven and one is on Earth but both are one “mankind” from Genesis 1.

See the drawing below that I made of the “garden(s)” at the end of this post.   It’s hard to draw spiritual truths in our realm of space and time, but maybe that will help.

Remember the man created in “God’s image” in Genesis 1?  This is a spiritual man with two parts to him.  “He” is both “male” and “female”.  The “male” is in a higher spiritual realm than the subordinate “female”.  The “male” rules over the “female” spirit.  (Remember Christ is our “husband”?) The “male” who is only referred to as “the man” in Genesis 1-4, is the spiritual ruler or “king” on the “tares” side below.  This is the position that was given to Christ in the generations of “Lamech” and “Noah” below.

Revealation Beasts?

Is God’s plan much bigger than the natural mind can see?

This Genesis 1:27 “male” is called “the man” (Strong’s #120) and he rules over the one we know of as “Adam” who was a lower, soulish part of his being.  “Adam” (Strong’s #121) is also split into two parts as well.  That’s right!  His other half is called “Eve”.

Let’s get back to “man” who is a spiritual being created in God’s image in Genesis 1:27.  He has been split into two parts.  There are ALSO two different words for each of these “mankind” one of which is “male” and one of which is “female” (Adam).  The terms “male” and “female” are not related to a human body, but are a position of authority and relative proximity to God.  The “male” has more power and authority as he is in a higher realm closer to God (less darkness).  The “female” is subordinate and in a lower realm of more darkness.  Please know this has NOTHING to do with human males or females.  All mankind starts spiritual on the same ground in God’s eyes.  The lower realm “Adam” also has a “helper” who is the other half of his being or soul named “Eve”.  She was connected to an even lower realm of the natural body.  See the illustration below to hopefully get a visual idea of this:

makeup of man

Three parts of man in three separate realms of darkness


This will reveal a very powerful thing to us once we see how God setup man.

This is why only Eve could see and hear the Serpent! 

That’s right!  The serpent was a “beast of the field” and also a “cattle”. Gen 3:1, Gen 3:14  He was in the lower realm of the body and he could tempt Eve just like our current body does.  Wait till you find out who the OTHER PART OF HIM IS!

Do you see how this amazing story of how man is put together?

Let me summarize.

There are 3 realms.  Spirit (highest & closest to God), soul (next darkest) and body (darkest).  Man’s spirit is split between two realms.  Same for his soul.  Part of man’s spirit (Genesis 1:27 man) is in Heavenly spiritual realm (male) and part in Earthly soul realm (female/Adam).  Part of man’s soul is in Earthly soul realm (Adam/female part of Gen 1:27 man) and he has another half in the Earthly natural realm called “Eve”. This is the lowest realm where man’s body is.

This is going to blow you away.  Remember, Eve is the part of Adam or man’s soul that connects to the human body.

Guess why “Eve” could see and hear the serpent whereas Adam seemed to be doing nothing?

The serpent was INSIDE MAN’S BODY!

This is why only Eve could see it.  Adam himself was in a higher realm than “Eve”.  The realm of the soul.  Eve was in the lowest realm of the body where the serpent is.

Now, all these “Adam’s”, “man” and “Eve” will eventually be ONE and put into a body.  That hasn’t happened yet.  They received a body when God gave them “garments of skin” in Genesis 3:21.  Study the words, look at the Tabernacle of Moses (natural body). It had ANIMAL skins on the outside!   Natural man’s body contains THE BEAST or the serpent itself (sin).  Under law, God views his body as an animal or the “beast”.  It contains sin and darkness. This is why Paul tells us that “sin is in our body in our members”.  Look at these MOST POWERFUL verses:

 So now, no longer am I the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me. 18 For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the willing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not. 19 For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want. 20 But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me  Romans 7:17-20

My friend if the Lord reveals this to you then you will be SET FREE in a FLASH!   Sin is a powerful spiritual force (and being as we will soon see!) that INSIDE our bodies or “members” as Paul tells us in other areas of scripture.

The truth is that our “bodies” or “land” is NOT OURS… yet.  One day we will “possess” it.  God will manifest the end of sin and death in our bodies.  Our natural bodies are a different “land” that we do not yet possess”.  See Genesis 15:13-16 where God tells Abraham this.

Boy, don’t I KNOW THAT!

This is so powerful and it makes so much sense.  Sin has always been in these natural bodies!  God created our bodies this way and it had NOTHING to do with Adam disobeying God.  Darkness (sin and death) were on the Earth BEFORE the garden.  This is what made them “naked”.  They were always “naked”.  They were CREATED naked because God made them that way.  He will fix this though…. Sorry.  I meant to say he will FINISH this.  The work is already done since the cross. He just has to make it appear now.

Need more proof?

Good for you!  I applaud anyone who DIGS.  You will be fed life!

Here is a great way to confirm.  This is only a few.  The Lord has been confirming this to me in many more ways that this.

Study the original words at biblehub.com and see where they are used.
See what food God told Noah he originally gave him (as a natural man) after he left the ark.
See which “man” Eve (part of man’s soul that connects to the fallen body!) was taken from.
Understand the gardens and study which person gets placed where.  Pay close attention to the specific words.  God is VERY precise.
Who specifically is God talking to?  Is it “the man” (Strong’s #120) or is it “Adam” (Strong’s 121).  Is it “Eve” (Strong’s 2332 – only used TWICE) or is it “the woman” or “the wife” (Adam)?
See who named the “beast of the field” which is what the serpent is.  Ask the Lord what it means to “name” something.

Now, does it make sense why the entire OLD testament always talks about animals and “beasts”?  It is telling a spiritual story and God see’s natural man as a lamb (saved) or a goat (unsaved) or a bull etc.

We are in the beasts body!  “We” are the 666.

Well, not really.  As truly regenerated believers, we are just in HIS body!  Our spirit and soul were inside him too, but Christ repaired (really FINISHED!) all that with his powerful one-time, ETERNAL sacrifice.  This “man” is simply the powerful spiritual man from Genesis 1:27 who himself is wrapped in darkness and controlled by a superior being. You can read all about him in Daniel and Ezekiel 26-28.  He is King Nebuchadnezzar and the “ruler/leader of Tyre”.  When he becomes like the “beasts of the field” then you know what I am talking about.

Side note: Your eyes may be opened to something even bigger that I am not saying here that the Lord has me currently grappling with. I believe I am bouncing at the limits of what the natural mind can conceive of the spirit.  Our mind is split and part of it sees what is called “dualism” where things are “good” and “evil”.  This is the natural mind of lower realm “Adam”.  The other part of our minds is spiritual and this part knows that God is one and God is everywhere.  This is the higher mind of Genesis 1:27 man who is Christ!  We can not reconcile these two as God allows us to “see” from both minds and both realms if we are truly regenerated and born again.  Guess what?  We have just discovered the “expanse”.  We can not cross it.  Amazingly enough, we already have if we can see that “God is one” and “God is everywhere”.  Do you see what I am referring to?  Sorry for the deep thoughts. 

Back to the “beast” and the power of sin that is in the “members” of our natural body.

God will destroy the darkness we all are inside of and the beast (sin and death) itself.  God already did.  Thus, King Nebuchadnezzar will repent and get his kingdom back!  Ever ponder who he is?  Study the words of Jesus and you will know.

We are just waiting for this all to appear when the Lord does.  His full manifested presence will make it happen.  He has fully joined the two realms that are separated by the gap we can’t cross but yet a believer already has!  When he appears, all the separation will EVAPORATE!  This is the power of darkness, sin and death.

Is this BIG and powerful story coming together?   “He made him who knew no sin to be sin”.  Sin = darkness and death.

It’s a good place to remind yourself that we are his body both spiritually and PHYSICALLY!  Remember, Christ fully replaced the first Adam.  “Adam” represents all mankind’s being including his body.  Our natural, human bodies are the very body of Christ.  Even the body of the “unbeliever”!

Do you see why all the “animals” were “sacrificed” under law?   Do you see why our “bodies (and the bodies of ALL mankind!) are a living sacrifice“?

They are all under the same law of sin and death. They will all be sacrificed (die) so we can “finish the death of Jesus” and his life can be manifested!  Our natural bodies are the ONE BIG animal sacrifice to the LORD!  Our bodies are the flesh of Jesus that get’s circumcised on the 8th day (day of the Lord!)

The great and awesome day of the Lord will be the FINAL sacrifice of the rest of the body of the beast but also the full circumcision of the Lord!  It is dying off now as people die, but when he appears, he will DESTROY ALL the REST OF IT!

Now, may much of Revelation and Genesis  LIGHT UP for you my friend.

Praise you father that you are so awesome and amazing.  Your plan of love for us is so immense, so deep and so wonderful.  May your name and the name of your Son Jesus be glorified.

May you reveal these powerful truths to ALL who read this message.

Below, I made an illustration of the Garden(s).  Hopefully we can begin to see how there really was one garden and one mankind from the true spiritual view of God.  However, because of the realms of darkness that each part of man was placed into, he was split into various components that don’t see each other.

07/16/14 Important update: I woke up this morning and could hear more on this.  I then realized that man is NOT the serpent or “dragon” but he appears as though he is from the natural realm where Eve was.  Thus, my drawing below needs to be updated.  I am very excited and hope to share this soon as this is revealed in the “King of Tyre” in Ezekiel 27-28.  Man is NOT evil!  He was simply wrapped in darkness by God’s sovereign plan.   See Romans 11:32 to find out why.

Here is a great closing verse that tells us about the Great and mighty day of the Lord!

In that day the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
With His fierce and great and mighty sword,
Even Leviathan the twisted serpent;
And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea  Isaiah 27:1

“Sea” = man’s soul.

God bless you my friend.


garden of eden in 3 realms

3 views of ONE garden?

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