True Debt


Is unfinished work a debt?

Is unfinished work a debt?

Have you ever heard the callers call into Dave Ramsey’s national radio talk show and scream those very powerful words?

You can hear the freedom in their voices and screams after they paid off their debts and often EVEN their house.   You can feel the joy in your heart as you celebrate with them and can’t wait to join their ranks.

I have always followed the idea of being “totally debt free”.  I mean house and everything.   But, recently, I have discovered there may be MORE things than money that are keeping me in bondage.

Is owing money to a person or a bank the ONLY kind of debt there is?

What about time? My “to do” list seems to have teeth and hiss sometimes.

Then it hit me.

I believe I began to see what “true debt” really is.  It is much bigger than I initially thought.

I realized I am also in bondage to my own “to do list” and even the “calendar” itself.

I just realized that once something makes it onto my “to do” list or my personal calendar then I have an obligation to complete it.

Isn’t any “obligation” debt?

I believe it is. I “owe” that task some of my time and effort.

It is my responsibility to bring it from “incomplete” to “complete”.

I am responsible for the difference between these. I am “indebted” to that task.

This is debt and I hate the feeling. “The borrower is a slave to the lender” as Proverbs tells us and I know that feeling.

Maybe you do too?

Anything on my “to do” list that isn’t finished is DEBTAnything that isn’t finished that I am responsible for in any way is DEBT for me.

Any obligation we “owe” to ourselves or others or any thing we “lack” is technically a “debt”

Now, let’s take this as step further.

Are you “finished”?

You know a completed, whole person who is satisfied with where you are “at” in life?  (This is a question I grabble with often)

If you aren’t, then whose job and responsibility is it to “complete” you?

Is it yours or God’s?  Is it your “debt” or is it God’s debt?

Are you in “debt” or is God in debt to the “completion of you”?

Or were you finished when Jesus said “it is finished” in John 19:30?

And when did he say that?  Aren’t his words outside of time and eternal?  Is it possible that the work to “finish” all of us was done before time even started?

Would you be surprised to find out that the very word “deceived” that the woman used in Genesis 3:13 when she said “the Serpent deceived me” means to “lend on interest” or to put that person in debt“? 

Here is the original Hebrew word.

What if the true and REAL definition of “sin” is not behavior related at all, but really means “to be in debt to God”?

If this is the real definition, then exactly WHO is in debt to God?   You or God himself?

Well, whose job is it to “complete you”?

Would you be amazed to find out that it is NOT your job to “complete you” and thus “fulfil this debt”?

Would you like to know that our real job (yours and mine) is to simply believe what he said in John 19:30 even when, no, ESPECIALLY when don’t yet see it?

Our only job is to just “sit at his feet and behold his Words” according to Jesus in Luke 10:39-42

What if it is the job of God himself through his eternal Son to “complete you” by revealing his own righteous covering over your “nakedness”?  Genesis 2:25, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 3:22

Would you celebrate him?

I would.

And am.  And I hope you are too.

God bless,