Do Women Reveal the TRUE love of God’s Heart?

women are true love

Are the women of this world the reflection of God’s true love?

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This morning in my studies and quiet time many deep and amazing things are being connected for me and I ever so grateful to the Lord for that.

I am beginning to see powerful glimpses of the TRUE hierarchy of things in the hidden realm of the Spirit.  What I am seeing in “pieces” is surprising (yet some parts not so surprising) and wonderfully beautiful.

I keep wanting to share more specifics about these powerful “glimpses”, but feel I can’t quite get a strong “foothold” or foundation to start from.


He just keeps going deeper and deeper.  I feel “settled” and then something else shows up that is even deeper… and deeper…. and deeper.  I am constantly realizing there is NO end to the glorious depths of our wonderful father.  So, we must starts somewhere or we may never start at all.

So, the question and “theme” that comes to me most today is…

Are women the TRUE servants who most exemplify God’s true, sacrificial love?

My heart screams YES!

Remember the words of Jesus “the last will be first and the first will be last“?  Matt 19:30, 20:16  (Men this may be a great scripture to ponder…)

Look at all the wonderful things they have done for us in this world.  Isn’t it amazing?

They birthed us, they sacrificed their own needs and desires to give to us.  We even were fed from their own body.  (Ponder that thought with John 6:53 while reminding yourself that God is not a single gender)

I see this powerful love and servant hood in the small business clients I help and all over in my own life.  The mother of my children is a good example.  She has sacrificed a lot for them and myself over the years and sadly, I often didn’t recognize it.

I don’t think true love is any more manifest than what women do for us, do you?

Perhaps we may want to tell the women in our lives thank you for their awesome sacrifice to us and this world.  Our world owes them such a debt of gratitude, doesn’t it?

Does it go MUCH deeper than that?

Is all the love and sacrifice they give actually a true reflection of the love and sacrifice that our father gives to us?  Is “she” part of the father himself and the one who actually has the highest revelation of truth?

Ever wonder why it’s always a woman who see’s Jesus first after his death (during the resurrection) and she goes and tells the men?  (Often they don’t believe her!)

Do you ever wonder why it was “the woman” in Genesis 3 that was deceived by the serpent?  Scripture says the man was “with her” but he is amazingly absent.  He doesn’t even SEEM to even know the serpent is talking to his wife.

Doesn’t this seems strange to you?

It does to me.

It’s almost as though the serpent is inside the mind of the woman speaking directly to the woman without the man’s knowledge, doesn’t it?

After the Lord God shows up in the garden, the man only says “the woman you gave to be with me, she gave me the fruit…”   This is the point where so many put the blame on the man. “He blamed her” they will say or “he isn’t being accountable for his actions”.  That is not what I am seeing.

I can solemnly assure that neither of these are the case and if a person looks closely at the original words it is very evident what is actually occurring.

AND…I am completely convinced… It’s still occurring to this day.

Here are some DEEP things to consider while looking at the scriptures through the revelations of Paul in the New Testament.

Who REALLY is “the woman” of Genesis 3+?

Are  “the woman” of God?  You know, as “the bride of Christ”.

Could our current creation of the external, natural “man” actually be called “the” woman of Genesis 3+ who will “marry” God’s Son?  (Ponder Genesis 5:2, 1:27, Ephesians 5:25-27)

Is her name “Mary”?

Who really is “the serpent?”

Could the serpent merely be a spirit of God that is inside the mind of us as “the woman” of Genesis 3?  (Remember, “the” woman is not human “women” of this world!)

Could the Serpent’s job to be to get all of us (as “the woman”) to disobey God’s perfect commands so we will “die” in order to be God’s bride?

And here is the most powerful KICKER.

Maybe “Death” is NOT AT ALL what we think it is?  What if it really is the doorway to the actual TRUE birth as a child of God?

Could the “Serpent” merely be Gods servant who “carries out” or executes God’s perfect law (as a prosecuting attorney or “accuser of the brethren”) on all mankind (God’s “woman”, “bride” or  wife) so they or “she” will die and be born again as his children?

Consider the whole of the entire Bible and ponder these deep and mighty things.

It is what I am hearing today and celebrating in my heart with much joy.  God’s plan is SO MUCH bigger and mightier than we can even fathom.  All the pain, death and suffering is all for a most glorious purpose.   To bring us to God’s face so we can be with him…forever.

We already are.  We just can’t see it yet.

Thank you all you women out there in this realm of the natural for all your sacrificial love for us.  You so greatly and accurately exemplify God’s powerful and true love for us all.

God bless,