Valley of the Shadow of death leads to life

Good afternoon and happy Saturday, 

valley of the shadow of death

What is the “valley of the shadow of death”?

I have spent most of this entire week in solitude and deep scripture study and spent a couple days in deep darkness.  As much as I hate it, the sun ALWAYS rises in my heart after the “night of darkness”.   

Are you ready to hear of a God MUCH bigger and more glorious than we have heard before?  Hopefully, you are listening with your “new wineskin” from inside your heart.  Otherwise, the old wineskin of the outer man may burst when we pour in this most awesome “new wine”.  Mine has burst many times.

I was doing errands today and sitting, waiting in my car staring outside.  Suddenly the words came to me in a FLASH (based on a conversation yesterday with a friend and Christian teacher…)  I am always asking him to reveal more of the truth about “death“ and “life”.  That was part of our awesome conversation.  Her faith is so awesome to see, but we both agreed it appears out of death.  Most (if not all) the people I know who have great faith have experienced great death in their “lives”.  She lost her son who was in her 20’s and struggles with the darkness.  My mother died at the age of 7 and “family” was very dysfunctional with lots of alcoholism.  Another friend lost her young teen son to an accident.  Others struggle greatly with addictions or abuse.  All of them are seeing “death” first hand.   All of them have great faith (full trust in God) as a result.  It’s very refreshing to see.

 So, today as I was sitting there in my car relaxed, this “appeared” to me in my mind. 

“Even though I walk through the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW of death…”   …. “your ROD and YOUR STAFF comfort me”…

 Strange, I rarely spend any time in the Psalms.   But I am always asking questions like “what and where is the valley of the shadow of death?” or “What is your ‘rod and staff’?” 

Then, suddenly….

BAM!  Just like lightening it hit me from within

Do you see the word “and”? 

Two again!  Both of them comfort me.  This is the theme he has had me on for a long time and I believe it is the spirit of Jesus doing this.  If you pay attention to God’s Word, you will see there is two of everything.  How do we reconcile this?  We don’t, but JESUS DOES!  He is our “glasses” in our inner man that merges and “reconciles” them into “one”.  I have been hearing and journaling this over and over.  Thus, I am fully convinced there is two of everything “below”, but they are united as “one” (body) in the above realm.

What is the “valley of the shadow of death?” I asked in my mind and then just listened as I sat in my car and ran my errands.

IT IS the place of JUDGEMENT, true judgment. 

What we (naturally in our outer man) call “death”.    Then this flashed to me in a very powerful way.

“Judgment BEGINS with the HO– USE OF GOD 1 Peter 4:17

Here is what I then heard and celebrated.  He truly is putting together “the old” (covenant) and “the new” (covenant) as ONE (above) TRUE Covenant!   We (as true believers in THIS AGE) are being judged right now.  And our outer man is condemned to die as a result.  He can’t believe and never will.  John 8:24, Romans 7-8 That is why we experience “death” in our outer man and initially in our inner man (until  he reveals LIFE  who is “Christ”) to our inner man!  “Death” will truly LEAD to TRUE LIFE when “IT IS FINISHED” as the outer man (who is our unbelief) will be fully “consumed” in “death” by the very LIFE INSIDE!  This ends in Hour “9 of Matthew and Luke (the body and outer soul), but it is ALREADY finished in the higher spiritual realm of Mark.  It occurred in hour “3” there (when he was truly crucified).  Mark 15:25  Remember how awesome the number “3” is?   What does “two” (below) plus “one” (above) equal?  (What does 1 “male” plus 1 “female” plus 1 true “man” equal?) 3 right?  God agrees, but he also says “one man”.  Gen 1:27.

So, what is “the rod and the staff?  (notice there appear to be “two” but really they are inseparable as one name or title or “thing”)

Well, ponder this.   “He will rule with an iron rod for a thousand years”… and “the staff of Aaron (the high priest) and the “staff of Moses and Joshua”. 

The “rod” (of iron) is God’s TRUE LAW (as ONE WHOLE law with different “names” below) that disciplines and teaches us truth (but “kills” the natural, outer man).   The “staff” is our shepherd Jesus/Joshua/Aaron who is our HIGH PRIEST (the prophets!)  See Rev 19:10.   Aaron was the “shepherd” in the highest realm of man (first), the spirit, Joshua the realm of the middle soul (second) and Jesus/Joshua as the lower realm and outer realm.  ALL  ARE TRULY JESUS THOUGH working as that spiritual man inside.

We, as true believers (and even as unbelievers) are ALL  in the “house” (tabernacle/dwelling) or body of God!) and are NOW walking through the “valley of the shadow of death”.  But, his “Rod and Staff” is right there with us leading and guiding us.   This “valley” is the valley he talks of in the “end” time judgment where God will “bring the nations” to “separate the sheep from the goats”.  The “sheep” already have fully surrendered their own wills and false beliefs and are fully following the shepherd who is hidden from the outer man.  He works inside all people, things and circumstances “reconciling us all” and “making all things new from the inside-out”.  Christ not only IS all, but is also IN All.  Col 3:11  The “goats” need to be disciplined some more (Hebrews 12:7-11) as they won’t follow their true leader nor listen to him.  They don’t even (yet) recognize his voice.  John 10:27  The (spiritual) “valley” is a place of darkness / law (gloom) where we are truly refined in his holy “lake of fire” to emerge pure and holy because HE did it.  He gave and “gives” (it’s not only done, but ongoing!) us his righteousness.  We just have to learn not to boast and give him all the glory.

 I am still on that path and have a lot to learn and grow in (“death” / full surrender) yet.  But, as long as we are in a natural, dying body we all will continue “dying to self”.

This is truly awesome and I thank the Lord for walking me through it this week again so I can see powerful things when I emerge on the other side.  He seems to “dip” or “baptize” me a little at a time and then pulls me out.  When I emerge as I have the past two days, powerful things appear as you can see.

God bless and have an awesome “death” this weekend.   May he grant you just enough “death” to experience true life.  His life flowing from within.