Waiting for the Splat

Ever feel like you are waiting for the splat?

Ever feel like you are waiting for the splat?

I believe I understand and have been living in the reality that Jesus told us about living in faith.  It’s a scary and lonely place at times.  Where did Jesus himself spend much of his time?

Alone in the “wilderness”.  Have you ever asked yourself where this place truly is?  It’s a place of temptation by the enemy of our soul.  Remember the phrase the “wilderness of the soul”?

I believe the true walk of faith in this life and this body is a single, solitary walk in the “wilderness” (solitary) of the soul.  It doesn’t mean others are never around us, but we are to spend most of our time with him.  It sure would be nice to have others to walk along, but my experience has been that they quickly separate from you once the Lord has you speak words of faith beyond where they are.  We are not supposed to go beyond what the “accepted level of faith” is for the group.

I have come to conclude that believing God’s Word directly as it is written and speaking it to others will cause them to separate from you.  It’s like “dividing the waters” or “separating the wheat from the chaff”.   When you first see it occur, it will perplex you.  You see a powerful life-giving truth in his Word that is feeding you life and you attempt to share it with others and they run away from you as if you are the walking dead!  Why?

I have asked this question and here is what I heard.

Did you know that the definition of a “Pharisee” is “one who separates or goes away from”?   They actually run AWAY from the truth when they hear it instead of towards it.

Why does this occur?

One word.


And fear comes in many forms and flavors.  Fear is where we all start and it’s the opposite of faith.  Faith says “I believe though  I can’t see it”.  Fear says “I don’t believe it unless I can see it”.

See the difference?

Do you believe the words of truth because the come from someone who appears “to have it all together”?  Or do you listen to everything that gets said regardless of the person’s spiritual or social “rank” and discern in your heart based on the Word what is truth?

Now, if the Lord is going to separate his people of faith for the coming age, which type of person would he use to do that?  One who appears very believable or one who isn’t of a high status, appearance or social rank?

So, why does  natural man gravitate toward one who appears as believable outwardly?

Well, Jesus told us the reason in John 8:15.  Natural man judges according to the flesh or the outer man according to natural appearances.  I am so glad the Lord judges according to the heart where truth resides.

Natural man is also a creature of habit and likes to stick to what he already knows and feels comfortable with.  (I am one of these too, so all these words are for me and about me too.)  What he can see, feel and touch.  Things he can rely on that have been proven trustworthy.  I don’t see anything wrong with this as that is how he was made.  This is all part of the “being born from below” “of the water”.

However, if he wants to be “born from above” and truly see and experience the Kingdom of God, he must also be “born from above”.  John 3:5

This means to let go of all you can see, feel, touch and prove and move into a very scary realm of the unknown.  A place were you trust the Lord for everything and put everything you have on his alter.  He gets to chop off anything that he doesn’t want you to have.  Can you imagine how scary this place of surrender is?

It’s terrifying.

Yet, at the same time as he yanks away all the things you have trusted in for security, HE replaces them from within you.   He will suddenly start appearing in everyday amazing and powerful circumstances that you will KNOW it is him.  He won’t stop until he has taken you all the way down into the valley of the shadow of death.

It is in our weakness that he is made strong.

But, it is so terrifying.  It’s like a free fall and you are just waiting for the “splat”.

But, it doesn’t come.   And soon you realize that you are not going to splat as you are falling into his hand.  Somehow, as things are “taken away” from you visually, they are replaced by more powerful things within you.  It’s very difficult to explain and I could write for hours and have been offline about what I see and hear.  I haven’t been sharing them because I heard that for now, they are just for me.

But, there is a HUGE change that is occurring right now.  I don’t know if it may occur in my lifetime, but I can tell you by studying all the “numbers” and years that this is the time for it.

Will the change be good?


Will it be scary?

Sure will!

But, he tells us to NOT FEAR as he HAS conquered the world.  Now, couple that with John 3:16 where we are told that “God LOVES the World” and he has sent his only begotten son INTO the world.  So, if he has conquered the world and his Son is IN the world, where is he?

Now add this verse to the mix and I pray you hear the Lord speaking.

nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.”  Luke 17:21

So, where is he?  You have permission to believe these verses EXACTLY as they are stated and don’t let anyone talk you DOWN from your faith no matter how famous they are.

Breath in his life.  He is WITHIN you my beloved friend.