Waking the Sleepers

Is the resurrection occurring now?

Want to see the “resurrection” or when mankind is woken from his Adamic sleep?

What if it is occurring even now and is not only some single future event?

First, recall that in Gen 2:21 it says that the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon “the man” or “Adam”. It never says where in Genesis he was woke up. This “waking up of mankind” (Adam) is what many called the “resurrection”. Consider the words of Jesus when “waking Lazarus” when he “takes away the grave-clothes”.  John 11:38-44.  What are the “grave-clothes”?  Could this be “the resurrection”?  John 11:25

We can see the “resurrection” occur in Daniel 12:2 and even in everyday life NOW and it’s most beautiful. I have attached the verse below for you.

First, please notice that it says that “and-many-ones from sleepers of GROUND-of soil they-shall-awake”. “Ground-of” is the very name “Adam” with “th” (God) attached. This is where Adam went to sleep (in the “earth” or natural body) and where most of mankind is still sleeping now. This is the natural body we live in now made of “the dust of the earth”. This “waking” is telling us of the very resurrection of man (Adam) when he finally wakes up.

Next it takes an “uncompound eye” (Matt 6:22) or a “non-dualist” view of reality to see what really is occurring behind the “scenes”. Once we “see” it (understand within) we will realize this is occuring now! It appears these “many-ones” that are being woken up are two different types of people. One called “and-these” that some say will be sent to “hell” for punishment and one called “these” that will be sent to “heaven”. Friend, it does not says that so don’t believe that. If there is any “hell” it is now IN THE natural body and any “wrath of God” is called “desire”.

Back to Dan 12:2. Please look closely at the two “types” that are “woke up”. One is called “these” (ale). “Ale” have truly been made spiritually drunk and put to sleep by God on his “ale”. This group will be “woke up” to eternal life and will see the hidden side of creation. The second group is called “and-these” (u-ale) and it appears they don’t get to see eternal life, but is that what it says?

Here is the secret my friend. There is only ONE SINGLE group of “these” or “ale”. The first group and second group are the SAME group or word. There is only one thing separating them. The word “and”. If you ponder what “and” means and does this will make sense. “And-these” are still wrapped in “and” and can not yet SEE the eternal life. They still have it (ale), but just can’t see it.

Thus, do you see how there is ONE SINGLE group called “these” or “ale”? It’s just that the second group hasn’t yet “shed” the “and” to become part of the first group (that has eternal life). This group with the “and” has not yet finished their natural life of “and” in a natural body of “reproaches” (pudenda/reproductive body) and repulses (law of opposites) or the natural realm/life/body. These “reproaches” and “repulses” are to allow us to gain offspring, experience and maturity. “And” = growth, joining, gaining = natural life balanced by opposing forces or “repulses”.

Once this second group sheds the “and” (natural body and mind of flesh) they quickly realize they are part of the first group sharing eternal life together. This can be experienced even now while you still live in the “and” (natural body) through surrender or will occur at the latest for all of us at the death (shedding) of the (and) natural body.

If you understand this, the state of eternal life is already being glimpsed by your inner spirit being that is already with God (and never left).

Bless you today my friend.