Was Man really Cursed by God in Genesis?

Have you ever pondered what God is revealing to us in Genesis 2:6?

Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Does God’s word really say that man was cursed?

But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground.
Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being Gen 2:6

Do you see what the mist did?

It rose FROM the earth to water the surface of the ground. The word is “alah”, (Strong’s 5927) which means to “ascend, rise, climb”.

Based, on this, which realm/location is HIGHER, spiritually speaking?   The earth or the ground?


Obviously, the ground is higher or the mist would not have to “rise” from the earth to reach it. Ponder this powerful truth (of the hidden, true reality) a bit.

Could we have this backwards because in the natural realm, we see the “ground” as down due to the law of gravity? But, really, in the TRUE spiritual reality “the ground” is UP?

Also, have you noticed that this “dust” from the HIGHER REALM of “the ground” is the (spiritual) material “dust” that the man was formed from. Of course, we know in Genesis 3, that the Lord God cursed the ground.

We really don’t know what that means, but I believe from much scripture study and thinking it is the process of “death” (to the lies we believe about God and ourselves) that we must go through in order to be with God.

Have you ever noticed this? Was man himself cursed by God in Genesis 3?

Man was made (formed) from this higher spiritual dust, but man himself was never cursed by the Lord God in Genesis 3. Only the serpent, the woman and “the ground” was.  (It’s important to see that “the woman” is not a human female woman as some teach.  This is a spiritual “woman”.) If you find otherwise, please let me know. I believe and see MUCH more going on here than we can see naturally. I pray the Lord opens our eyes to see this.

The word “formed” in Genesis 2:7 is “yatsar” (Strong’s 3335) is NOT the same as the word “bara” (Strong’s 1254) of Genesis 1:27 which means a one-time, chief, spiritual birth or being “chosen” of God. Genesis 2 is a lower realm soul “forming” of man whereas Genesis 1 is a higher realm spiritual birth or “bara” of man himself.

Have you seen the amazing differences when we switch from Genesis 1 to Genesis 2?

It’s like the entire point of view has completely changed. The changeover verse is Genesis 2:4. Have you noticed that God’s name suddenly changes in Genesis 2:4? Also, please notice that instead of “creating” or birthing (“bara”) the active verb is now “making” or “forming” in Genesis 2.

This is very powerful to see. I believe it’s because the point of view has gone DOWN one level/realm into the soul realm recreation in Genesis 2. The highest revealed (spiritual) name of God in Genesis 1-3 is “God” or “elohim”. The name of God in the lower realm of the soul of Genesis 2 and 3 is “Lord God”. This is his name in a lower realm of law and darkness of the soul.

Want something more to ponder?

Notice the name that the serpent calls God in Genesis 3? Is it “Lord God” of the lower realm of the soul? Or is it “God” of the highest realm of the spirit?

What does this say about the serpent?

God bless,


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