Seeing into the Spiritual Realms – What is God doing right NOW?

Is God really making all things new?

Is God really making all things new?  Even right now?

Do you ever wonder what is going on right now all around us spiritually? 

What is God “up to” even right now as we watch TV with our family or go to work?

Many people say they “want to know what God is doing right now” or they “wish they knew what God wants them to do“.   “I just want God to be real to me right now in my everyday life”, is often heard.

Do they really want that?

Or is that something they just say in order to be perceived as pious or “religious”?

Well, let’s test that a bit. I am going to share what God has revealed to me that has allowed me to see RIGHT now what he is doing.

First, please prepare yourself.

If he reveals this to you, it will AT FIRST BE VERY FREIGHTENING because all you have known and fully believed will be DIRECTLY challenged. This is why he told his disciples (you and I and all people) to “fear not”. If they feared, they could not see or believe beyond what they see and know naturally.

When the Lord truly shows up, it is very frightening.  We must be prepared for this.

Is God at work even right now with his Holy Apostles?

But He answered them, “My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working.”  John 5:17

Is he REALLY making ALL things new or just “some” things?

And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” Rev 21:5

We are all born SPIRITUALLY blind

What God is doing RIGHT NOW is revealed directly to us many times and in many ways, but we are simply trained NOT to see it. This is not just limited to Mon-Saturday, but especially on Sunday! We are all trained to believe the natural version of things instead of the (hidden) spiritual version. In a strange paradox, if one see’s through the veil and into the spiritual realms, they actually become a threat to the current Church. You will see why as we go thorugh the verses.

Preparing your Minds for the Spiritual Words of God

In order to see into the hidden spiritual realms right now, we must first prepare our “mindset” to receive them. Without doing this, we will be STUCK on and blinded by the natural version we can see and hear and touch.

Spiritually, this is easy. Just ask the Lord to open your mind and heart to see the (hidden) truth and remove all barriers that are keeping you from doing so. You must be in a quiet place with no distractions where you imagination can be “open and free”.

Also, we need to prepare our natural mind as well. In order to get ready to receive from the hidden spiritual realms all around us right now, we must first understand that:

  • Each word of God has a single, precise meaning that never changes. Thus, we can fully trust it as it does NOT depend on mans interpretation.
  • His written words are spiritual and not natural. Thus, they pertain to HIDDEN realms and things we can NOT currently see although they may be ALL around us right now. The natural mind of man can NOT see nor understand these things. 1 Cor 2:14 It does NOT matter how outwardly religious or pious a person appears. There is NO coorelation between outward appearance and ones ability to see into the spiritual realms.
  • We must FORGET all that we know naturally about the meaning of things and only go with what he is revealing in our minds
  • Thus, we must become as a child and open up your imagination where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE or you can NOT EVEN SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD John 3:3, Matt 18:3
  • We must believe that His words are true RIGHT NOW both inside and outside us.
  • We must believe that we are merely “containers” for him. We are the wineskin, he is the “wine”. He does not put new “wine” (spirit) into old “wineskins” (bodies) or they will burst
  • Most important, we must never forget that God IS love and that his love is PERFECT and “perfect love has NO FEAR” in it.  1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:18, 1 Cor 13

If you can prepare your mind and heart in this way and then begin to read the original words of scripture (not the translated versions), you will begin to see BEYOND and INTO the veil to the “other side” of the heavenlies and into the hidden spiritual realms. Please, do NOT limit God and simply believe his words at face value and ask him in your heart what they mean. They DO NOT mean the natural meanings that we NATURALLY think they do. They are a WHOLE NEW ORDER and NEW CREATION OF ALL THINGS but we can  NOT yet see them with our natural mind or body.  Rev 21:5

One of the secrets to seeing into the hidden realms of God and the Spirit is the “numbers”. Each book, chapter, verse and WORD is perfectly placed and has an exact and precise meaning and purpose. “3” is a tri-part being or man with a (1) Spirit, (2) soul and (3) Body. It is also what will occur to each individual that has and will ever live. This is a hidden SPIRITUAL occurrance and not a visible “public”. “6” is public or what all of us will see jointly or corporately. For example, all of us will see and ARE SEEING Genesis “6” right now corporately, and all of us will see and experience Genesis “3” individually in our own soul and body.

Let’s look into the spiritual realms right now and see what is going on RIGHT now in the Kingdom of God which is inside our own minds (soul) and bodies, called the “spiritual heavenlies”. Most, don’t realize that WE are the “host of the heavens”. Our natural body is the “host”. Ponder this. It’s very deep and profound and it brings the LORD right TO you and makes you realize he IS right now VERY VERY near to you. All of us are (spiritually) naked before him in our hidden, inner spiritual man, the one inside us behind the veil.

Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do Hebrews 4:13

So, let’s ENTER into our very own “spiritual heavens” called our “minds” right now and see the battle that is going on. It’s a battle between “light” and “darkness”, between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Between the “old” you and the “new” you (who is Jesus). “Good” always wants to reveal all things and bring them into the open/public or “the light” whereas “darkness” wants to hide things for personal gain at the expense of others.

“The light” and “the faith” is always unfraid and trust the Lord while “the darkness” is based on fear and loss and wants to hide the truth or “cover it up”.

Before we can see any of the hidden truth or “true reality’, we must FIRST be RO– USED (woken up) SPIRITUALLY within US.  This occurs in each of us individually in Acts 3:7

It starts with a person being “roused” or woken up within their inner “heart” or spirit man. Act 3:7 We can do NOTHING to earn this and our “silver” is useless with God. Acts 8:20 This is the first resurrection (for them) within. Even though this person is still in their old body or “wineskin”, they have even now passed out of death and into life within. John 5:24, 1 John 3:14  They have been “translated” out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of the Son of God (light) even while in the same body.  Col 1:13

What God is doing Right now Inside us (his “heavenly HOST”)

Let’s look at Acts 3-4 which are the “acts” or “actions” of God right now in this world and our bodies and minds.  These verses are the original words from the Westminster-Leningrad Codex from this site.  It’s important to understand how special this understand of his word is as it almost completely eliminates all of man’s interpretation of God’s Word.  You can read more about it here.  I have simply copied the single-truth of each word from this codex from below each of the original words.  Acts 3 and 4 (and all of the New Testament) can be found here but I copied parts below for you to see what the Lord is doing right now INSIDE our very minds and hearts.

Ac 3:6 Said YET Peter silver and gold not is belonging to me which YET I am having this to you I am giving in the name of Jesus Christ The Nazarene be YOU RO– USED and be about treading.

Ac 3:7 And seizing him of the right hand he RO– USES (wakes) instantly YET were given stability of him the steppers and the ankles

They are now “standing” in the presence of the Lord. This occurs in our mind which is a spiriutal location called the “place of the skull” or man’s “head”.

Ac 3:8 And out leaping he stood and about trod and into came together to them into the sanctuary about-treading and leaping and praising the God

Ac 3:9 And perceived him every the people about-treading and praising the God.

There are MANY others there with us right now and when our natural body (heavenly “host”) dies, we will be immediately “THERE”!

Ac 3:10 They recognized BESIDE him that this was the-one toward the alms sitting ON THE BEAUTIFUL gate of the sanctuary place they are filled of awe and amazement on the having BEFALLEN to him.

Until this time, we sat on a spiritual “portal” or gate waiting for our turn to be “roused from the dead”. This is the same “portal” or “gate” or “door” that is in Genesis 19 with “lot”.

Ac 3:11 Of holding himself YET the BEING-HEALED Lame one The Peter and John, ran together toward them entire THE people ON the Portico, the one BEING CALLED of-Solomon overawed

This is the portico (gateway) of-Solomon (solo man on a single, desolate journey here).  The entrance is “single-file” because life in this body is a “solo-journey”.  This is why he told us the “gate is narrow”.  It is like the entrances at a stadium.  You must entire single-file on your OWN belief and NOT on anyone else’s.

Ac 3:12  Perceiving it YET Peter answers TOWARD the people, Men! Israelities! Why ye are marveling on this or to us ye are looking intently as to own power or devoutness having made of the to be walking him

“Peter and John” are doing this work together. “Peter” is God’s seed and “and John” is the seed of man/the woman of Genesis 3. See Acts 12 where “John” is. He is INSIDE the “Home” (body) of “Mary”. These two “seeds” must come together to birth and raise up spiritual offspring (this is the resurrection and the birth of true faith within)

Ac 3:13 The God of-Abraham AND of-Isaac and of-Jacob The God of the fathers of-us glorifies THE BOY of him Jesus whom YOU beside give AND DISOWN him before face of PILATE of judging that one to be releasing him

Please notice he is talking about TWO DIFFERENT entities here. One is “the boy of him Jesus” and the other is “the Holy one”.

Ac 3:14 YOU YET the Holy one and just one DISOWN and ye request man murderor to be surrendered as a favor to you

Ac 3:15 The YET inaugurator of the LIFE YE KILL whom GOD RO– USES OUT OF DEAD ONES of which we witnesses are

The Lord Jesus Christ is the one who is being RO– USED or resurrected inside us. He IS OUR TRUE life and our true faith even our initial “natural” life! He is “THE” Life or ALL OF LIFE that exists. John 14:6, 11:25 All of us have his “natural” life inside us, and those who have his RESURRECTED life inside will speak very boldy but this will also bring about much persecution to them because of his “name” (soul and calling).

AV Ac 3:16 And on the faith of the name OF HIM this man whom YE ARE BEHOLDING and YE ARE ACQUAINTED with gives stability the name of him and the faith the through him gives to him the unimpaired soundness this in FRONT OF ALL of you


The ones who have his resurrected life inside are persecuted out of ignorace from the spiriutal leaders of this current dark world. But, this is being made known to them EVEN RIGHT NOW. Some will be broken and repent, some will want to KILL the messenger(s). (Acts 4)

Ac 3:18 The YET God which he before DOWN messages through mouth of ALL the BEFORE-Aversers (Prophets) of him to be SUFFERING the CHRIST he FILLS thus

Ac 3:19 REPENT YE then and TURN ABOUT YE INTO the to be erased of you the sins so that ever may be coming seasons of refreshing from face of the Lord

Peter tells them very BOLDLY (I love PETER!) to STOP persecuting JESUS and repent (change your mind). Until they stop this and repent they can’t be refreshed with the new (eternal) life of the Lord.

Please notice the specific wording at the end of this next verse. Do you notice who Peter calls them?

Ac 3:20 And he MAY BE DISPATCHING the one having been heralded BEFORE to YOU – JESUS Christ

THEY and ALL people and spiritual beings are HIS BODY.

Ac 3:21 Whom it is binding heaven INDEED to receive until times OF RESTORATION of ALL THINGS of which speaks the God through mouth of ALL HOLY of him BEFORE-AVERers from EON

Ac 3:22 Moses INDEED for toward the fathers said that prophet to you shall be raising up LORD the God of you OUT of the brothers of you AS ME of him ye shall be hearing according to ALL whatever he should be speaking toward YOU

(Did you notice it was Moses “Indeed”?)

Ac 3:23 It shall be YET EVERY SOUL which any ever NO should be hearing of the prophet THAT shall be being utterly exterminated out of the People

Ac 3:24 And ALL YET the Prophets from Samual and of the consecutively as many as talk and announce BEFORE the days THESE

Ac 3:25 YOU ARE SONS OF THE PROPHETS and of the covenant which covenanted the God toward the fathers of us saying toward Abraham and to the seed of YOU shall be being blessed all the kindreds of the Land (Earth)

Ac 3:26 TO YOU FIRST THE GOD STANDING the boy of him Jesus commissions him blessing YOU in the TO BE TURNING EACH from the WICKEDNESS of you

Now, we jump up a level to “4”. Remember, “3” was an individual level. We must all repent and from within our minds change them. We must believe and accept his words are true at face value and trust him to fulfill them.

Level “4” is the level above “3”. It is the spiritual rulers over the people. This is the “masters” or the spiritual “heads” of all mankind. This view would be the equivalent view of the “4th” book of the NT which is “John” and the OT 4th book of “numbers”.

Level “4” – The Spiritual “Heads” of the “Church” (his body)

Ac 4:1 . Of speaking YET them toward the people stand by to them the sacred ones and the officer of the sanctuary and the sadducees

The current spiritual rulers of this world are the “Sadducees”. They do NOT want anyone teaching the truth as it removes their power. The people will no longer “come to them” if Jesus truly lives inside ALL of us.  They will be EXASPERATED however by the Lords will.

Ac 4:2 Being exasperated thru the to be teaching them the People and to be announcing in the Jesus the resurrection the OUT OF DEAD ONES

Ac 4:3 And they laid on them THE HANDS and they were placed into custody INTO THE Morrow it was for dusk already

They will spiritually speaking “lay their hands on the ones who speak the truth”. However, many will believe as man as the Lord has planned to believe.

Please notice the word “YET” that occurs all over the original words thousands of times yet is rarely translated. It is actually ignored in thousands of cases. However, “YET” means “YET to occur or be fulfilled” or “is happening NOW”.

Ac 4:4 Many YET of the ONES HEARING the WORD BELIEVE and was becomed the number of the Men as if thousands five

Ac 4:5 . It occurred YET on the Morrow to be GATHERED of them the Chiefs and Elders and scribes INTO Jerusalem

There is a separate group that will be gathered “morrow” (spiriutal next day – after their death) in Jerusalem. See end of Luke. This group is the Lord’s “head”.

Ac 4:6 And Annas The Chief Priest and Caiaphas and John and Alexander and as many were OUT OF breed of chief (High) priest.

They are actually spiritual descendants of the Chief priests and other high priests.

Ac 4:7 And standing them INTO THE MIDST they inquired in What power or in What name DO THIS YOU?

They will be “STOOD IN THE MIDST” (middle of power and middle of all people and things) and have their faith TESTED. Get ready for the boldness of PETER. I love it!

Ac 4:8 Then PETER being FILLED of Spirit HOLY said toward them CHIEFS of the people and elders of the Israel

Ac 4:9 If WE TODAY are being examined on well-action of human infirm in what this one has been saved?

Ac 4:10 Known let it be TO ALL YOU and to EVERY the people of Israel that in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST the NAZARENE whom YOU IMPALE whom the God RO– USES out of DEAD ONES in THIS ONE THIS MAN stands by in view of you SOUND

Ac 4:11 This is the stone the ONE BEING SCORNED by YOU the ones home building the one becoming into HEAD of corner

The one being SCORNED now for speaking the truth is the one that will be the HEAD of corner.

Ac 4:12 And NOT there is in other any THE SALVATION neither for NAME there is different UNDER HEAVEN the one having been given IN humans in which it is BINDING to be saved US

Please notice that Peter and John are NORMAL and “unlearned” men. They are normal “people” who are not formally trained nor do they have a “following”.

Ac 4:13 Ones beholding YET the of-the Peter boldness and John and down-getting that humans illiterate (un-write) they are plain they-marveled they-recognize besides them that together-with to-the Jesus they-were.

Ac 4:14 The YET human observing together-with to-them having-stood THE one-having-been-cured nothing they-had to-be-contradicting

(above) When our spiritual man is “risen” or “roused”, he is also “healed”. We won’t see this yet until we die and go “there”, but in the spiritual heavens or our minds, there are MANY who are witnessing this.

(below) These spiritual rulers of the current darkness HATE the fact that normal men are exhibiting powerful “signs” as they will lose their power over the people.

Ac 4:15  Ordering YET them OUT of the Sanhedrin to-be-coming-forth they-parleyed toward one-another

Ac 4:16 Saying what? we-shall-be-doing to-the humans THESE that INDEED for known sign has-occurred thorugh them to-all the ones-down-homing at-Jerusalem, apparent and not we-are-able to-disown

Ac 4:17 But that NO on more it-may-be-being-disseminated (fertilized) into the people to-threat we-should-be-threatening to-them by-no-means-still to-be-speaking on the name this to-any of-humans.

(Why didn’t they say the name of “Jesus”?)

(Below) They will threaten them to STOP this, but it will have no affect on them as the SPIRIT of the LORD working inside them is TOO POWERFUL to be stopped.

Ac 4:18 And calling them, they-charge to-them THE down-whole no to-be-uttering not-yet to-be-teaching on the name of-the Jesus

(Now, the name Jesus is mentioned, why was it withheld in version “17” but spoken in verse “18”?)

Ac 4:19 The YET Peter and John answering toward them said IF JUST it-is in-view of-the God of-you to-be-hearing rather or of-the God, Judge-ye

Ac 4:20 Not are-able for WE which we-perceived and we-hear no to-be-talking

(Above) Peter tells us they are NOT able to keep quiet when the Spirit inside speaks.

Ac 4:21 The-ones YET toward-threatening from-loose (release) them no-yet-one (nothing) finding the how? they-should-be-chastening them thru (because-of) the people that ALL glorified the God on the having-occurred

Ac 4:22 Of-years for was of-more (more-than) Forty, the human on whom had-become (had-occurred) the sign this of-the healing

(above) This occurs in a (spiritual) man of the age greater than 40 and is related to Moses and his age. This man was a “boy” but now is “graduating” from the school of “Moses” and is no longer under the law. See Gal 3:23-24. “Moses” (living under the law) is no longer his “schoolmaster”.

(below) This next verse is what is going on right now in the Lord’s spiritual body which is ALL people. Each will go to the “own” or the place the Lord has designated them to go. You and I are already partially there now. Your “own” place you currently live is part of it. We each now still have our separate and individual “own”. Some are more “desolate” than others.

Ac 4:23  Being-from-loosed (being-released) YET they-came toward the OWN and they-from-message as-much-as (whatever) toward them the chief-priests and the seniors said

(Above) The ones who are now spiritually alive will tell others what they hear from WITHIN their minds of the chief-prests and the seniors speaking. This is like when someone says “listen to your heart” or “what is your heart saying?”. It is actually your “chief-preists” and “seniors” that you are hearing.

(Below) Yet their is also a single group that is in full harmony. This is the Lord’s “head” of his body.  He does not YET have a full body, just a “head”.

Remember his words “the son of man has NO PLACE TO LAY HIS HEAD”?  Matt 8:20, Luke 9:58

Ac 4:24 The-ones YET HEARING like-feel (with-one-accord) lift-up voice toward the God AND said OWNER! YOU the God, the one-making the heaven and the land (Earth) and the Sea and ALL the in them

(Please notice that the word “them” is a pointer that can be used to reference all of the heaven, the land/earth and the sea. This can be compared to other places where this exact word “them” appears.)

Acts 3:23-33 and 4:23-33 are what is going on RIGHT now in the spiritual realms in our hearts and minds and all around us right now that we can’t see. Christ is STILL being crucified in spiriutal “Sodom and Egypt” and the “place of the skull” or the “head’ of man. Rev 11:8, Matt 27:33, Mark 15:22, Luke 23:33 (see all the “2s” and “3’s”?)

Ac 4:25 The-one thorugh by-mouth of-David, The boy of-you saying that any (why?) rage Nations and Peoples meditate (imagine) empty-things (vain things)?

Ac 4:26 Beside-stand (stand by), the Kings of the land (Earth) and the Chiefs were-together-led on the same-place down (against) of-the Lord and down (against) of the Christ of-him

(Did you notice that of-the Lord and of the Christ of-him are two separate entities or sacrifices?)

Ac 4:27 Were-together-led (were-gathered) for on truth on the HOLY BOY of-you JESUS whom you-annoint HEROD besides (both) and Pontius Pilate together to-nations and peoples of-Israel

Ac 4:28 To-do as-much-as (whatever) the hand of-you and the counsel of-you before-seeizes (designates-beforehand) to-be-becoming (to-be-occurring)

Ac 4:29 And THE NOW LORD! take-notice-you on the threats of-them and be-giving to-the slaves of-you with boldness all to-be-speaking the word of-you

(Above) The ones who now speak boldly the word of the Lord that they hear will be threatened by the current spiritual rulers as they see it as threat to their “throne”.

Ac 4:30 In THE THE hand of-you to-be-out-stretching YOU into healing and SIGNS and MIRACLES to-be-occurring through the name of-the Holy boy of-you Jesus

Ac 4:31 And of-being-bound them, was-shaken the place in which they-were having-been-gathered and they-ARE-FILLED ALL of-SPIRIT HOLY and they-spoke the word of-the God with BOLDNESS

(Above) This is what we see in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit was given, but this is a lower level/realm than acts 2.

Ac 4:32  Of-the YET multititude of-the ones-believing was the heart and the soul one and not-yet ONE any of-the possessions to-him said OWN to-be but was to-them ALL COMMON

(We do NOT own anything that we current possess but this is referring to full spiritual posessions where our inner spirit man current is residing on the “otherside” of the veil)

(This is where we will depart the natural body and world, between 33 and 34. This is the resurrection and the Life of Jesus who is our TRUE but HIDDEN life within us. Gal 2:20)

Ac 4:33 And to-Great power (ability) rendered the testimony the Apostles of-the up-standing (resurrection) of the LORD JESUS grace besides GREAT was on ALL them

(When a person who has already been resurrected within to eternal life, leaves the dying natural body they will no longer have any needs as ALL of the spiritual creation will be shared)

Ac 4:34 Neither for in-bound any belonged in them as-many-as for acquirers of-freeholds or of-homes belonged-to selling-these they-brought the values of-the ones-being-disposed-of

(Our bodies are the “homes” being “sold” that contain the spirit(s) of God. Our natural life is actually his SINGLE “Life” (soul) being given as a ransom. Romans 12:1. He is “THE” (single) life that exists.  His soul is the shared soul of all living things.  We don’t see that because our current bodies are of darkness that blind us to that truth.)

Ac 4:35 And they-placed beside the feet of-the apostles it-was-distributed YET to-each forasmuch-as ever anyone need had

(The believers who are NOW already resurrected within or what we call those who “believe” are the apostles “feet” as that is the part of them that touches “the ground” (their bodies). What they own through the centuries will be shared with the rest of the Lord’s resurrected body)

(This next verse is the final result of this current spiritual world)

Ac 4:36 Joses YET (OT & NT “Joseph”?), the one-being-on-called (his calling of) Barnabas by the apostles which is being-construed SON of-CONSOLATION, Levite Cyprian of-the breed

(Is it possible this is the Joseph we know from the Old Testament and New Testament? Also, ponder the name “barnabas” and the Lord’s word about gathering the “grain” into the “barn”. Did OT “Joseph” sell “grain” to spiritual “Egypt” when they were in a (spiritual) famine?)

Are we that “Grain of wheat” that has “fallen into the ground and died”?  John 12:24  I can assure you that we are.

Ac 4:37 Belonging to-him of-field, SELLING brings the money and places-it beside the feet of the apostles.

What did he sell?

A field.

Could it be MUCH MORE than just a “field” that we consider naturally? Are these natural words or spiritual words?

Are they limited by what we see and know a “field” to be?

Please consider the words of Jesus here about the end of the age and this world.

Then He left the crowds and went into the house. And His disciples came to Him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the tares of the field.” 37 And He said, “The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man, 38 and the field is the world; and as for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; and the tares are the sons of the evil one; 39 and the enemy who sowed them is the devil, and the harvest is the end of the age; and the reapers are angels. 40 So just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age. 41 The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, 42 and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear Matt 13:36-43 (notice the “36” again?)

Did you see verse 38?

What is the “field”? The field is the world.

Are you seeing anything of what is going on right now inside your mind and heart?

You (and I) are the “HOST of the heaven”.  We are carrying him around even right now.  We are the “cup” or container and he is the “coffee”.  We are the “grain of wheat” that was planted into his “field” which is the WORLD.


So, that LIFE, HIS LIFE would spring forth in what we call “death”.  His ways are NOT our ways.  His life only appears in our death and weakness.

He truly is working inside and all around us even NOW making ALL things new.