Is that your “name” or is that who you ARE?

Are some names different with God?

Are names special and unique with God?

Are names important with God?

Ponder Exodus 6:3, Exodus 3:4, Exodus 23:21, Is 52:6, Jer 16:21, Philippians 2:10, John 14:13-14, John 16:23

Have you ever noticed that some people in the Bible are “given a name”, some are “called” and some just are?

Sometimes they are even “called a name“.  Have you noticed this?

Let me give you some examples.

Here are some examples where in the original language it says the “name of the” man, woman, person is.

The name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife, Naomi; and the names of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem in Judah. Now they entered the land of Moab and remained there Ruth 1:2 e (NASB)

Lamech took to himself two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other, Zillah  Gen 4:19

You can analyze and see the original words on this page:

(Did you notice it never says who the parents of “Jubal” are in Gen 4:21?  This type of thing occurs all over God’s word.)

Sometimes there is an extra word in there and their name is “called“.  Here is an example.  The son of Lamech has his name “called” Noah.  It doesn’t say that is who he is.   Is this a powerful clue?

Now he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will give us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands arising from the ground which the Lord has cursed.”  Gen 5:29

Here is the link for that verse:

Doesn’t that make you think of “being called” or “your calling”?  Could your “calling” be related to a persons (new) or actual spiritual name from God?

Sometimes it says they named “him”.  This occurs in Genesis 4, but NOT in Genesis 5.  Isn’t this interesting?

Adam had relations with his wife again; and she gave birth to a son, and named him Seth, for, she said, “God has appointed me another offspring in place of Abel, for Cain killed him.”  Genesis 4:25

Let’s compare Genesis 4 to Genesis 5.  (I believe “numbers” are also very important with God!)

Open this link and in your browser, click Edit and then Find and type “him” for Genesis 4.  How many do you see in Genesis 4?  Then, do the same thing for Genesis 5.  Quite a difference, isn’t it?

Did you notice anything about the ones in Genesis 5?

Do you notice the very special people who are the only ones to have a “him” by their names?

Btw, doesn’t translate the word “him” in many cases.  Are there some words we can just skip?  Or is it important that we included ALL of them?  See Rev 22:18-19, Hebrews 4:12, and Isaiah 45:23.  Probably not a good idea to skip any of God’s Words, is it?

Sometimes no one names them, they just appear.  Who named Adam (in Gen 2:20), Enosh (in Gen 5:6), and the entiregenerations of Adam” in Genesis 5?

We don’t know.

Is it possible that God himself named or “classified” them?  Also, if God himself does it, is it maybe impossible for them not to be what he says they are?  Aren’t God’s very words truth?

Is it possible that all of the ones that God himself names are his own spiritual children?

What do you think?  Is this important to see and notice?  What is God telling us?

Feel free to comment and share what you see and hear.